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Private Investigator's Office

Updated on March 12, 2012
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I've written four novels, self-published. I am working on the several more. I am promoting my novels, reviewing others, sharing what I know.

It was a dark and stormy night

“It was a dark and stormy night...” has become a cliche as an opening in literature that indicates the writing to follow is potentially bad at best. Yet how many detective movies begin with a stormy night? Booh and Babbot in The Haunted House of Dracula begins in a detective's office on a dark and stormy night. Hopefully the game's tongue in cheek attitude about “B” movie “Ha Ha scare me to death mysteries” will be well received.

If you have not been following what I have been doing with this game, then the link to the website about the games development will be helpful to you.

Level One - Gentlemen Cleaners, The Private Detective's Office

As the game's story line is already in place, the development of the game's play levels is next to be completed. My intention is to create the bones for each of the levels and then add the necessary elements for bot the story telling and the game play. The Building with the Private Investigators office and a couple of more offices has been completed. The building is empty, but the inside doors are unlocked, and the lights work. If you wish to take a look and comment you are welcome to explore the empty office building and offer any suggestions.

The set for the Private Investigator's Office was purchased at Renderosity from RPublishing. They created a single office which I re-purposed into a single floor building, interior for my office. I sued some primitive objects from Unity to build some walls with windows and installed blinds from The PI Office. A number of the furnishings will come from the Film Noir PI Office plus some additional pieces from other artists. I will continue to update the additional assets as I purchase them. If you are interested in their Websites, they are below.

Explore the Office

The link below provides the web version of the Unity Game as it is complete to data. The Unity Web Player must be installed, it is a safe install and there are some instructions needed to navigate the office. The keys to use are for the PC the “w”, “a”, “d”, and “s” key for forward, slide left, slide right, and back. The arrow keys accomplish the same thing except the left and right arrow keys turn left and right. If you wish to look around, press the shift key and move the mouse to accomplish that. If you have a MAC, use the shift key and mouse to look around, and the letter keys to move about.

All doors open except the front door, and you use the mouse and the left mouse button with the cursor on the door knob to open and close the doors. Once a door is open use the left mouse button and cursor on the door to close the door. Each of the offices has a light in it, and the light switches using the cursor and left mouse button. If you have a MAC, the mouse button should work for you.

If you have problems with any of these instructions or something does not work, please let me know.

The haunted House Level

The next level is a street level outside the haunted house, at the moment I just have the house, I am working on some additional buildings and the interior of the house. Here are some preliminary samples of the Unity set in progress.

The little white cylinder in the front of the house is the first person player.

I have the exterior of the house based upon the Victorian House from Daz Studio. As you can see it is an impressive house in a currently non Impressive Landscape.

Where is the Interior of the House

This second view is from the inside out and as you can see there is a lot of work to be done. Walls would be nice. Why does it look so good from the outside and so nothing there from the inside? Because it is designed to be seen only from the outside. I have my work cut out for me. Keep watching there is more to come. The inside of the house, a basement dungeon, a backyard labyrinth, a graveyard, and a cathedral of a crypt.



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