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Mix Groups in Pro Tools 8: Tips and Tricks

Updated on March 25, 2010
Pro Tools 8 Mix Group in Regions Menu
Pro Tools 8 Mix Group in Regions Menu

Using the group feature (sometimes called mix groups) in Pro Tools can be a lot more useful than at first glance. To group tracks together select 2 or more tracks and press command+G. To select more than one track you just have to click on the track's name for the first track and then hold command while clicking on all additional tracks. Then you will want to name your group. Maybe you are grouping all your drum tracks together, then you might call it Drums.

Mix Group Tricks for Pro Tools 8

Assign a Plug-in to All Tracks in a Group - Click to the left of the group name in the regions list menu and a black dot will appear in front of it. Then hold Alt+Shift while adding a plug-in to any track in the group and that plug in will be also added to all the other tracks in the group. You can also use this same method, but instead of adding plug-ins you can make other changes like inputs or outputs for example that would change for the whole group and not just one track.

Show only the Tracks in the Group - Hold the Ctrl button while clicking on the group name in the regions menu.

Suspend or Enable Groups - Press Command+Shift+G

Rename a Group - Double click to the far left of the group.

Temporarily Isolate a Channel Strip From the Group - Ctrl+Click on the channel strip.


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