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Contagion Product Review - Corrupt Servants of the Leviathan A D20 Tabletop RPG

Updated on April 23, 2012

A Flesh Borer?

Contagion released this the third addition to the Hell's Henchmen line of PDF's with little fanfare but it is yet another worthwhile buy!

We've all heard of the Leviathans. Colossal natural guardians that take on a certain aspect of the area they were spawned in. One leviathan epic that comes to mind was the second Moonshae Islands novel series in which a sea leviathan took the form of an immense whale that dwarfed all others. As a representative of nature itself the leviathan only cares about the balance of nature. Protecting those nature loves and cares for while punishing all others with wanton destruction.

In this Contagion product where all things are spawned from hell they explain that their leviathans became abusive and fell from grace, having been cast down to hell for their transgressions. While in hell they warped even further and have taken up creating horrors to plague mankind. All of their creations are based on subtlety or disguise. Want to bring some shock and awe down on the players?

Ten horrors, mostly aberrations, are in this product and they are quite unique with additional rules for fielding them in a D20 modern game. Makes sense since the Contagion game world is a modern one but all of their products can be utilized in any D20 campaign.

To provide an example of the terrifying goodies you'll find in these pages I bring forth the Flesh Borer! A medium sized, worm-like terror with barbed tentacles that relishes the taste of flesh. They actively seek out undead so they may place larvae within them. Kind of like mobile, self defending hatcheries. If threatened these undead have a surprise as the Flesh Borer will go dormant within their shriveled innards and spring forth to assault interlopers.

Whaat? Not only do you have to face the undead, in whatever the DM chooses mind you, but you then have to confront the flesh borers waiting within them as well! Real good stuff, really unique and surprising, just like the other nine entries.

All in all this is another great product and I score it, not only because it is a 99 cent buy, a jolting 5 stars out of 5! Yet another, "Why the hell not?" From our new friends at Contagion.

Game on!


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