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Contagion Product Review - Hell's Henchmen Undead Servants of the Chammadi PDF for Contagion, a D20 RPG

Updated on March 7, 2012

A Contagion Product found only on PDF

Contagion is a relatively new and very small publisher. I found them one day perusing the extensive catalogue of games and products on There you will find a long list of independently published game products from companies like White Wolf and Green Goblin and even, hold on to your hat, Margaret Weiss Gaming company! Yes, you heard it here! I am not sure when Weiss started doing this sort of thing but on her site there are a number of gaming sources that are based on worlds in books Margaret Weiss has written. Awesome news for her fans, and there are many.

Contagion was on a hiatus for a while and I had been looking at their PDFs which contained ten new monsters each. The servants of the Chammadi is based on Undead servants of the Chammadi which are just another hellish race that is focused on necromancy and the like. each of these PDFs focuses on another hellish race and their servants. I'll be covering two more in later hubs.

Now, being a proud owner of a Libris Mortis from Dungeons and Dragons I honestly felt I had all things undead covered. After reading The servants of the Chammadi I realized, happily, that I was wrong. Contagion doesn't just pump out new monsters without considering the innumerable other products out there, no! They have created in this PDF ten Undead creatures as they should be. Each has a unique characteristic that is original and new to the gaming hum drum of undead encounters. Players who think they know all about undead and worse, those geared towards slaying undead will be horribly surprised as their gimmicks and gadgets don't work.

For instance, there is one creature that cannot be physically harmed. I for one am looking forward to bringing this into my game in which a player is an undead slayer. He is capable of making critical hits against undead and is immune to all of their ability draining and energy draining which makes it very difficult as a DM when you want to challenge the player.

Not wanting to give too much detail away let me assure you that for the price of this product the content within should be a requirement for DM/GM's looking to bring unknown challenges to the table. Each PDF supplies a HD advancement chart so you know how to size your undad creations as you raise their HD. Also there are templates for undead so that you can make literally any creature Undead, specifically a few of the Undead forms within this work! You think you know zombies? Have you ever wondered why zombies in RPGs don't die automatically when you target their head? You'll find those in this product as well.

Now the most important part of this review. For its low, low price, yes I know there are only ten creatures and some background on the Chammadi, it is a steal! That's right, a steal!

99 cents


99 cents.

You must be smokin...

99 cents, folks, and at that price alone it was irresistible for me. When I found out the players were going to be clueless about these new, quirky and resilient forms of Undead I kind of felt like I had done something wrong. Now...

You can to.


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