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Product Review: The Sims 4

Updated on December 19, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to let people know about her opinion on a product.


First off, I will mention that this is the PlayStation 4 game not the PC. The Sims 4 is a great game to let your imaginary mind go wild. You can build houses and have a family live in it. You can also create your own person (sim) in anyway your want to. You have needs you need to fulfill like going to the bathroom and eating. You also have an option to complete collections in the game like collecting plants, aliens, and more. You can build your own town and live in it. It's not only houses you can build. You can build a library or a gym and choose what you want to put in it. There is so many options in this game and the possibilities are endless.

Create A Sim

The first thing you want to do is to create your sim. You have the option of a male or a female. The rest is up to you. If you want your sim to have multi-color hair, you can do that too. There is also an option to have different outfits for different situations. While your sim is on the treadmill, they will change into their workout clothes. You can change if you want your sim to be fat or skinny. Their style of walking or their voice is also available for you to change.

In this section or screen, you will also be able to choose your sims traits like outgoing, clean, good, evil, loving, etc. You will also be able to choose an aspiration. Completing the aspiration can give you a trophy and also make your sim happy as can be.


Build Mode

In build mode, you can build your own house. You can choose the roof style, how many floors you want it, and also add plants outside. There's way more you can do and let your imagination flow.

You also have the option to choose what you want inside the house. Do you want a hot tub inside your living room? You can do that too.



In the game, you have an option to complete collections. This can be complicated and very time consuming. Do some research on google to see where other people have found their collections to give you a little more help and help save you some time. The collections include:

Aliens: 10 Collectibles

Crystals: 20 Collectibles

Elements: 15 Collectibles

Fish: 22 Collectibles

Fossils: 15 Collectibles

Frogs: 25 Collectibles

Gardening: 32 Collectibles

Metals: 20 Collectibles

Microscope Prints: 12 Collectibles

MySims Trophies: 20 Collectibles

Postcards: 14 Collectibles

Space Prints: 15 Collectibles

Space Rocks: 4 Collectibles

To collect some of these, you will need a computer, rocket ship, fishing bait, and a microscope. To find these items, you can go into to build mode.


There is way more you can do in this game and I have not listed them all. Compared to other sims games, the graphics are beautiful and the possibilities are endless. It's a great game. I believe if you have a great imagination then this game would be great for you. You also have the option for expansion packs which can give you more that you can do with this game. You have the option to play in on console and pc. It's your choose and your own virtual reality.

© 2017 Brittany Banks


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