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Progress ADBG Instructions on how to play Yasuo (Game LOL 2016)

Updated on April 16, 2016

We have to learn how to play with a player on the mid Yasuo damage, today I will help you learn how to play with style Yasuo most aggressive towards the tanker. Surely with this play you will have a more enjoyable experience with Yasuo jog.

With this game you will get the advantages disadvantages


High resistance can place in combat easily
Capable of stirring the enemy squad
Fighting style extremely ornate, high mobility

Lacks inherent damage
Not for the gamers prefer balanced team

Tank Top ways to map and gameplay Yasuo Yasuo

Yasuo up this way we will map onto the map in the direction of tilt tolerance equipped dishes but still have a bit of damage for Yasuo.

First, we have to equip yourself with some Doran Make potions. Then when you return items first equip us to be remnants of Bami is equipped with you need a map as home season without upgrading to the Cloak of Fire that always let them have it focus other dishes on the previous tran.

Then the items that need to give Yasuo this play is

How to play Tank Top for Yasuo This will be the you will need to bring into full play the strength of skills Scan Search (E) of Yasuo. You need to continually use this skill on enemy soldiers to let the other person can not be your damaging then combined with Storm Sword (Q) to deal damage to enemies. When the opportunity to spell the end does not hesitate to fly in the middle of enemy formations are then continuously surfing and surfing can survive this time out by Yasuo quite cattle with pure dishes tank equipped.

The downside of this is playing Yasuo no damage his powerful but in return is terrible resistance and ability to constantly harass the enemy makes the other person feel dizzy when confronted. Actually this is pretty good Yasuo play for you when encountering opponents in battle Yasuo allelopathic to be better in the squad.

If you got bored with the scene balanced team, try to play through once this Tanker Yasuo offline. Surely you'll be interesting to try to play this yasuo it


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