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Video Games on the Projector

Updated on May 2, 2008
Photo Courtesy of Gamespot
Photo Courtesy of Gamespot

Play Like You're Really There

Gaming on a projector allows for almost a life size display of the game therefore allowing you to see things easier and feel almost like you are actually inside the game. Playing games such as Halo 3, Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament 3 and Madden football on a projector screen means that you can see more aspects of the game at a larger scale. If you've ever played Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4 in multiplayer mode, you'll know that being able to see an opponent in the distance, or seeing a gun on the ground before the other players do, is very important when trying to prevail in the game. Once you play video games on a projector and projection screen, you'll never view the gaming experience the same way.

Photo Courtesy of Bits Bytes and Bots
Photo Courtesy of Bits Bytes and Bots

Projector Image Quality

Video games are full of high resolution video, highly pixilated images, sharp text, and clear sound. In order to preserve these characteristics of the video game, you must purchase a projector wisely. The size and novelty of a projector screen image can make even a cheap projector exciting for video games.

Some people's first results with a projector and video game system are disappointing. A low lumen output projector with limited resolution, an old projector lamp, and lots of ambient light can result in a faded fuzzy image.

Another way to make a sharp projected image into a fuzzy one is to zoom out too much to make the image larger. A projector is like a flash light. Zooming in to make a small, highly focused beam makes that beam appear brighter. A wide beam from the same flashlight appears dimmer. And a flashlight that is brighter overall can produce a bright image that is larger.

Projector and Nintendo Wii Courtesy of Microvision
Projector and Nintendo Wii Courtesy of Microvision

The Best Projector Image

You will want a projector that depicts high resolution images and has great sound quality. Your best choice would be to stick with a projector that has about 720p resolution or higher, for best quality output. The Wii console puts out an SD resolution of 480i and the Xbox 360 has a HD resolution output of 1080i/720p.

Of course, a 1080p projector would be the ultimate gaming projector because it displays the best image and sound possible, especially when gaming with Playstation 3, because it has the Blu-Ray Technology through the HDMI connection. The important thing to remember is that in order to get to these high resolutions you will need to use the right connections. For example, 1080p requires HDMI but 720p/1080i needs at least a component video connection but works even better with HDMI.

Higher contrast in combination with higher light output (lumens) make the projector image look sharp and clear. Reducing the level of ambient light in the room can improve the image quality without requiring an investment in better equipment. Reducing ambient light means to turn off the lights, close the drapes, and cover up bright LED lights that get built into cordless phones, computer power buttons, and so on.

on a Projector Is Better

Photo Courtesy of Jim Barry
Photo Courtesy of Jim Barry

Why Playing Video Games

Playing video games on a projector allows for more room to play. For example, when gaming on Wii, the user can mount the projector to the ceiling, project the image on a white wall, and have plenty of room to move around and play.

Remember that using a projector screen with a projector will give your image a much improved color saturation and contrast.

Playing video games on a projector and projection screen is most certainly superior to playing on even the largest LCD or flat panel television. Pretty much any projector on the market now will put out a 720P/1080i resolution, but you will have to pay a little more to get a 1080P projector. Typically 1080P projectors start out around $2,000 and go up from there.

Large heavy televisions get in the way, as do television stands and other entertainment center furniture. While gaming on a projector and projection screen, you don't have to deal with the cluttered environment.

If you look around in stores, listen to the news, pay attention to media, observe conversations around you, you will find that video gaming is a popular and growing subject among many of all ages. Video gaming used to be a way to keep kids sitting down and away from annoying their parents for an hour or two. Now, video gaming has become a lifestyle for many and an investment to some. The average player is no longer the kid or teenager. In fact the bigger part of gamers is made up of twenty and thirty year olds. In fact, with the introduction of the Wii, senior citizens are now starting to join in on the fun!


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