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Prototype 2: Game Review

Updated on April 25, 2012

Game cover

Prototype 2!

A game that's been anticipated for so long, then second of the series, Prototype 2.

The second game by Radical Entertainment hit shelves yesterday, 4/24/12.

The new features of this game:

  • A new character plot, Featuring Sgt. James Heller.
  • The Power of Tendril's - Allow's you to tear apart anything in your way.
  • Hunt - Kill - Become - Find and track down enemies.
  • Customize your Killer - Allow's the customization of your character.
  • New Technology using Titanium 2.0 Engine.
  • Next year gamer's will experience the take down of Alex Mercer.
  • New Shape Shifting Weapon's
  • Amazing Graphic's
  • More Gore, more Slashing and hacking.

This game is rated 9 out of 10 Star's, and Rated M for Mature.

This is only available on Xbox, and PS3.


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