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Zalg's Pseudo Physics Minecraft Mod

Updated on April 13, 2011

Does it enrage you that it is currently possible to build a mile long bridge in Minecraft with no supports whatsoever and it simply hangs in the air mindlessly? What happened to the laws of physics in Minecraft? Have they simply been abandoned in favor of facile building rules that even a baby would be able to master? Yes, but for those who want to build more purely, the Pseudo Physics Minecraft mod adds some rudimentary physical rules to the game, rules that demand that blocks be supported in some meaningful way in order for them to remain where they are. Blocks placed in mid air will fall to the ground, possibly beaning you in the head on the way down.

This makes mining underground much more of a challenge. Accidentally destabilize an underground structure and you could be looking at the game over screen before you know what's happening. It is possible to avert such disasters by building structures to stabilize your mine-shafts. Hey, this game is more realistic already!

For the first time since Minecraft began, players will actually have to consider whether or not they are building structurally sound homes. If the bottom of your house is made of wooden planks and you use the upper levels to store solid blocks of obsidian, you'll be in trouble. Why? Because wooden planks aren't strong enough to support the weight of obsidian. Planks are more fragile than wood, which is not as strong as iron, so on and so on.

In addition to adding basic physics, this mod also adds an element of danger. Heavy blocks like iron and obsidian won't just fall, they'll explode when they hit the ground, causing potential damage to your relatively delicate and meaty avatar.

This mod has the potential to change the landscape of your game because underground caves will no longer magically remain intact underground if they don't have adequate support. This means that you could potentially find yourself running from a fast unfolding sink hole. What fun! Other fun additions include falling trees. That's right, if a tree falls in a forest and you're under it, you're in trouble!

Installation and Compatibility

This mod is not currently compatible with much and if you're silly enough to install it and then load a world where you've already done a fair bit of building, you stand a decent chance of losing everything you've loved and worked for. This is a very powerful mod and it should be handled with respect and care. Back up your saves before you install it and be sure to open a new world.

Download the Pseudo Physics Minecraft Mod


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