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Pub Quiz Help

Updated on September 18, 2011

Pub Quiz Help

When asked ,what was a, clavicle?  I answered , with confidence a musical instrument!
When asked ,what was a, clavicle? I answered , with confidence a musical instrument!

Help I'm in a quiz team!

We have all been there, to a quiz night.  Whether the quiz is held at a pub, church hall or school, we find ourselves asked along to make up the numbers of a quiz team. I find that several questions keep reoccurring and learning just a few basic quiz night fact, it is just possible that having us on a quiz team might be beneficial.


The seven wonders of the ancient world.

Seems Like MataHari Picked Her Targets Carefully
Seems Like MataHari Picked Her Targets Carefully

The Apollo 11 crew

As simple as A B C- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins
As simple as A B C- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins

stalactite and stalagmite

As tights come down mights go up!
As tights come down mights go up!

The Santa Maria

In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.


Put simply a mnemonic is a device to aid your memory. Usually mnemonics are verbal but may be visual, kinesthetic or auditory. Everyone knows at least one and they are a great help in remembering facts for a quiz. Take for example : Richard of York gave battle in vain, to remember the colors of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue , indigo and violet. Also, Many Vial Earthlings Munching Jam Sandwiches’ Under Newspapers ; Or Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune: Which gives us the planets in order from the Sun. Now if I had a pound for every time at a quiz they have asked to name the seven wonders of the ancient world, well I’d have 3 pound. However it’s worth seven points and I recently found a mnemonic to help. Seems Like MataHari Picked Her Targets Carefully Which gives us :-

Statue of Zeus

Lighthouse at Alexandria

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus


Hanging gardens of Babylon

Temple of Diana/Artemis

Colossus of Rhodes

See if you can repeat these you are bound to impress, so here are some more that I have found useful.

The Great Lakes

Sergeant Major Hates Eating ONIONS!"

(Superior - Michigan - Huron - Erie – Ontario

The Royal Houses

No Plan Like Yours
To Study HISTORY Wisely! "

Norman (1066-), Plantaganet (1154-), Lancaster (1399-), York (1461-), Tudor (1485-), Stuart (1603-), Hanover (1714-1901), Windsor(1901/1917-present)

The Seven Deadly Sins









Bones of the Human Body

. For the bones of the upper limb:

Several crooks have underestimated Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

(scapula, clavicle, humorous, ulna, radius, carpals, metacarpals, phalanges).

For the bones of the lower limb:

Help five police to find twelve mad prisoners.

(hip, femur, patella, tibia, fibula, tarsals, metatarsals, phalanges).

How I wish I had found this mnemomic earlier as I made myself look stupid when asked ,’what was a, clavicle?’ I answered , with confidence ‘a musical instrument!’

Two Ronnies Mastermind Sketch

Going on a memory journey.

Mnemonics are fine for short lists or facts needed for a quiz, but some things are much more complicated. Take for example The American Presidents. This is when another trick is needed to remember longer lists and a memory journey is needed. Choose a place you know very well for example your house, garden or route to work. Then use your imagination to place each President in order along your journey, using your imagination to help you remember each name. So to remember the first 10 presidents I start in the house in the bathroom. So number 1 George Washington, in the bathroom having a wash, number 2 is on the toilet, or John, to help me remember John Adams, then at the doorway playing with the light switch is Thomas Jefferson. Out onto the landing 2 pictures on the wall with the word JAMES in gold above them, one a picture of Madison square garden and the other of Marilyn Monroe; Which gives us president 4 and 5 James Madison and James Monroe. I turn around and there Is Quincy from the TV show calling to the man on the toilet, which reminds me that number 6 is John Quincy Adams. Next I see Michael Jackson, standing by a wall striped of paper, so it’s just bare stone. Along the wall in graffiti is the word Andrew. So I have Andrew Jackson, or Stonewall Jackson. Next number 8 Martin from the Simpsons, holding a card saying ‘Van Buren’. Number 9, George Harrison is in the corner playing a guitar along which the word ‘William’ is scratched. Which gives us William Harrison. Then I can hear a banging, so I open the window and see a man on the roof hammering in roof tiles, which reminds me that number 10 is John Tyler. This method can be used for so many things, capital cities, Grand National winners and even books of the bible.

Morecambe and Wise

Answers people gave to quiz questions.

Presenter: What happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963? Contestant: I don't know, I wasn't watching it then.
Presenter: What happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963? Contestant: I don't know, I wasn't watching it then.

A wrong answer on the Weakest Link

What 'X' is the fear of foreigners or strangers? ............ The X-Factor
What 'X' is the fear of foreigners or strangers? ............ The X-Factor

Just for laughs

Well there we are, we have a few facts to astound our quiz team and hopefully to beat the opposition. We have learnt some of the Presidents of America the seven wonders of the world and the bones of the body, so what could possibly go wrong? Well quite a lot actually but don’t worry. Have fun and remember if you give a wrong answer at least only the people in the room will hear you. Others have been much less fortunate and made quiz blunders on the TV and Radio. So take heart from some of the answers people gave to the quiz questions below and remember that it could never happen to you, not now that you have read this hub….or could it?


Jeremy Paxman: What is another name for "cherrypickers" and "cheesemongers"?

Contestant: Homosexuals.

Paxman: No. They're regiments in the British Army who will be very upset with you.


Presenter: Who had a worldwide hit with What A Wonderful World?

Contestant: I don't know.

Presenter: I'll give you some clues. What do you call the part between your hand and your elbow?

Contestant: Arm.

Presenter: Correct. And if you're not weak, you're . .?

Contestant: Strong.

Presenter: Correct - and what was Lord Mountbatten's first name?

Contestant: Louis.

Presenter: Well, there we are then. So, who had a worldwide hit with the song ‘What a Wonderful World?’

Contestant: Frank Sinatra?


Presenter: What's the capital of Italy?

Contestant: France.

Presenter: France is another country. Try again.

Contestant: Oh, um, Benidorm.

Presenter: Wrong, sorry, let's try another question. In which country is the Parthenon?

Contestant: Sorry, I don't know.

Presenter: Just guess a country then.

Contestant: Paris.


Q: Which American actor is married to Nicole Kidman?

A: Forrest Gump


Bamber Gascoigne: What was Gandhi's first name?

Contestant: Goosey?

BEACON RADIO, Wolverhampton

Presenter: For £10, what is the nationality of the Pope?

Contestant: I think I know that one. Is it Jewish?

My favourite blunder


Presenter: Which is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world?

Contestant: Barcelona.

Presenter: I was really after the name of a country.

Contestant: I'm sorry; I don't know the names of any countries in Spain.


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    • jayjay40 profile image

      jayjay40 5 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks for the comment 2patricias, but I'm a bit of a jinx at pub quizzes. The last time I went we called our team Titanic, and we sank without trace!

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 5 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Voted up. We love quizes, and you have some good ways to remember the answers to common questions. However, we think that the best way to improve our chances of winning would be to take you with us.

    • profile image

      Nariad 5 years ago

      Wonderful Stuff, and Funny too.Thanks for posting Jay.

    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 6 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Very good hub. I love playing trivia. Especially when it pertains to food. Enjoyed reading this hub. Thanks for sharing. Teresa

    • jayjay40 profile image

      jayjay40 6 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks quiz master, I love trying to figure out ways of making facts stay in my brain. I am also a big fan of Morecambe and Wise.

    • The Quiz Master profile image

      Warren 6 years ago from England

      I really enjoyed your hub Jay. Especially the funny answers given to the questions. Morecame and Wise were absolutely brilliant, I used to look forward to their show every week when I was a kid.

      Nice hub, good work.

    • jayjay40 profile image

      jayjay40 7 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks Hello hello, and reddog for the very kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the hub.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Something else I learned here. Wont be useful but interesting

    • reddog1027 profile image

      reddog1027 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I found this hub very informative.