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Pug Stuffed Animal & Stuffed Pug Toys - Pug Gifts

Updated on June 9, 2011

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Are you looking to find the perfect pug stuffed animal? Here is a great guide to help you sort through the wide selection of pug stuffed toys that are available online. There are tons of different pug breed stuffed animals in different sizes and colors and the good news is that there are tons of high-quality toys online for affordable prices, at that! Also, make sure to check out some fun pug facts!

Buying a breed stuffed animal is a fun way to pay tribute to your favorite breed or makes a perfect gift for any pug lover. I know some pet owners who like to get a stuffed animal of their dog breed and give it to their pet as a toy. It's really cute to see a real pug playing with a pug stuffed animal! Here are some of the fabulous selections that are available online.

Fun Pug Facts

-Pugs have been around since 400 B.C. - that's a loooooong time!

-They were originally pets of monks that lived at Buddhist monasteries.

-Prince William II owned pugs; they've been popular ever since.
-Pugs make great family dogs.

-They don't need as much exercise as a larger breed, so if you live in an apartment, then a pug might be for you.
-Pugs typically weigh between 14 to 18 pounds.

Pug Stuffed Toys On Amazon

Pug Stuffed Animals

Here are several options to help you find the perfect stuffed pug. Melissa & Doug offer a great quality, low cost realistic version, or, there are also more 'cartoonish' versions available. All are very cute and you'll probably have a hard time deciding which one to bring home! Any of them would make a fantastic gift for yourself, a pug lover or even your pug, itself.

Note: If you're buying a pug stuffed toy for your own pug (or for a young child, at that), make sure that you're buying one that doesn't have parts that can fall of easily!

Buy A Webkinz Pug

If you have kids that love stuffed animals and love to play on the computer, then you've probably heard of Webkinz.

In case you haven't, the concept is really fun. Webkinz makes tons of different stuffed animals available in almost any dog breed or any type of animal imaginable - seriously! You then bring your new stuffed toy home and enter in a unique activation code from your toy on the Webkinz website. Your child can then play on the family-safe website with their new virtual Webkinz. Since a pug is such a well-loved and popular breed, you can rest assured that Webkinz makes pug stuffed animals!

Pug Stuffed Animal Toy
Pug Stuffed Animal Toy

Webkinz Pugs

Cute Pug Video on Youtube! Awwww!

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