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Pulse Slither Scooter As Seen On TV

Updated on June 25, 2010

Pulse Slither Scooter As Seen On TV

I know we all remember when they came out with the razor scooters.  Then we had the three wheeled swivel scooter that could push itself.  Then there were the motorized as seen on tv scooters and then scooters started to morph into shoes with wheels in them.  Now there is a new type of as seen on tv scooter called the Slither scooter and it is from Pulse. 

The Pulse Slither Scooter gets its name because unlike a regular wheeled scooter that glides and goes forward, the Pulse Slither Scooter is a drifting scooter that can drag and sort of turn.  The main thing that I like about the Pulse Slither Scooter is that it brings back a feature that the scooters when I was growing up had, a pump break on the handle bar. 

When I saw the razor scooters and others I was kind of questions how you could stop easily since there didn't look like there was a break.  Then I saw how kids were using it to stop.  Some would sort of slide out like a skate and others would drag their feet to slow down then stop.  When I saw the slither scooter drifting and sliding instead of stopping when you push it out to the side, I got confused to see how you could stop and thought it could be dangerous.  That's why before writing this post I went to the site where you can buy slither scooter and that's when I saw that the pictures had a hand pump break on the handlebar which I personally love.  It sort of takes the scooters that we all grew up using and adding a new twist to them by letting them drift and make them easier to make turns on.  I kind of like the new twist they added onto the Pulse Slither Scooter and think that it is pretty cool. The other thing that I liked about the Pulse Slither Scooter As Seen On TV site was that in each of the pictures I saw they put in a helmet and pads. 

Not only were they probably required to include pictures of helmets and pads in their pictures, but it is a good idea regardless to try to convince kids and to get parents to make their kids wear a helmet and pads.  Scooters, Skating, Bikes and Skateboarding are dangerous sports to play.  You have to be cautious and if you aren't wearing the proper protection like a Helmet and Wrist Guards you could really hurt yourself.  Although a Helmet and Wrist Guards are important, there are also knee pads and other things you could wear.  I would ask the people who sell the Pulse Slither Drifting Scooter when you buy Slither Scooter and see what types of pads and protection they recommend you wear.  They can probably give you the best possible advice on how to protect yourself while using their product and since I have never tried it I cannot tell you what is safe to wear and what is not as well as what is recommended and what isn't. 

The Pulse Drifting Slither Scooter is seriously cool and a perfect gift for any kid to have this Summer.  It will help to keep them active, entertained and give them a way to get around so you don't get stuck driving them everywhere when they want to go to a friends or to the mall.  The infomercial for the Pulse Drifting Slither Scooter was kind of boring for me but the product was cool.  If you buy Slither Scooter and love it, come back here and let us know how you like your Slither Scooter. 


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