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Purple an Rpgmaker Horror

Updated on December 6, 2018

Concept and Style

Let's begin with the spoiler-free basics. Purple is an RPG Maker horror game created by Fox on You play as Randall Purpura a young man recently released from a long hospital visit. You guide his first few days back into reality outside of the hospital with new people and changes, but will that last when reality is changing around him?

The game has lovely artwork in the form of pixel art and digitally rendered character portraits and cut-scenes. The characters are stylized and well drawn. The backgrounds are easy to take in and beautiful to the eye, whilst still remaining in their dark tone.


Story Review(Spoilers Ahead!)

Purple is rated R for the following-

  • Themes of Abuse(Including sexual)
  • Body Horror, Gore/Blood, Dismemberment
  • Swearing, mild nudity, and Sexual suggestion

The game deals with themes of transphobia through the character of Mya and her fights with her twin sister Amy. Mya is a recently transitioned trans-woman in-game, her sister does not agree with this and at first, refuses to acknowledge her sister's pronouns and that she is happier as herself. Their relationships is explored throughout the game.

By far the main theme is mental illness shown by the main character Randall. He begins as a nice if not an awkward young man, but after the third day his pills run out and he fails to get a new prescription because of strange events. After that, he begins to have terrible nightmares as something darker, known as Moths takes over Randall and causes him to do terrible things to the people he cares about most. His best friend Mya and his crush Tom.

I personally enjoyed the characters I found them each to have unique voices and they were memorable. I also enjoyed the story, whilst it wasn't much of a branching path and pretty straightforward(To me at least) I enjoyed it. Especially Randall's nightmares and the symbolism they each have it gives players something to think about.

Three To The End (Major Spoilers)

Purple has three different endings. The Bad Ending, The Good Ending and. . . The Alien Ending?

  1. The Bad Ending: This ending is the most common to get first. In this ending, the apartment comes to flames. Randall has Mya cornered and she barely makes it out alive. Only to find out later he didn't die in that fire and has followed her to her new home.
  2. The Good Ending: It may be called that, but this is not a happy end. It begins the same as the bad ending with Mya cornered in the flame. This time Randall finds two items in his pocket. Mya's band-aid and Tom's wooden figure. This snaps him back into reality and he realizes what he's doing. He begins to cry and locks himself in while Mya escapes, it's assumed Randall dies from the fire.
  3. The Alien Ending?: This one goes off the deep end. After it's revealed. . . Mya is an alien and has an entire army of Stuarts? (Stuart is a minor character mostly known for having many jobs). It also appears Tom has been reanimated and is surprisingly alright with having been murdered. In this ending Randall goes with them most likely onto spaceflight adventures. . . Definitely the funniest ending and most likely a reference to the alien endings in Silent Hill.


Final Words And Questions

Before I finish with my final words I have a question for the Developer. Will we see what happens with Mya and Winter? Did Randall really die in the fire in the good end? How does Stuart manage to keep so many jobs and still have time to be Mya's friend? Is the alien ending the true canon to the story? Will the sequel be their adventures in space?

All joking aside I really did love this game. It's free and if you have an hour or so to spare I recommend playing it at night with headphones on. I also recommend you don't speed through it, it's a short game with a lot of secrets and things you'll miss if you don't pay attention. All this being said do not play this game if gore, suggested cannibalism or Transphobia bothers you.

Thank you for reading my review and I hope you give Purple a chance.

Have you played Purple? Who is your favorite character?

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