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Puzzle Games Mysteries

Updated on October 23, 2016

Puzzle Games and Simplicity

The idea behind a puzzle is to solve a riddle and have fun while doing it with the help of hints and other support, but some evolved with unrivaled complexity even though simple games proved to be popular.

An example of this is Su Doku a logical game that uses numbers to create a solution that has to be done according to certain rules. Such games are Tetris, Angry Birds or The Room. These games can be truly engaging, making players busy for hours at a time.

The popularity of these games prompted the creation of games with similar features such as Dr Mario Puzzle League that is a game similar to Tetris, where colored pills are sorted out using also blocks and shapes. As puzzle games developed, they can also involve role playing games. Each puzzle has a story and content.

Unorthodox Puzzle Games

Puzzles have evolved into various types, such as mathematical or physical. One game that doesn't seem to fit into any category is Puzzle Craft, where a city is created with various resources.

Kiwanuka for Android combines puzzle with the platform, where travelers are led into freedom through stages, passing through canyons and pink mountains while allowing artistic creativity in solving problems.

Most Popular Puzzle Games

One of the most popular puzzle games is also World of Goo. The most engaging puzzle games of all time is considered Portal 2, where the Aperture Science Laboratory is explored while interacting with the environment that can challenge the player to use various tools including teleportation. Players can take the role of robots or a humanoid. Portals are used to move between rooms using elements such as Thermal Discouragement Beams, Excursion Funnels, and Hard Light Bridges. There are also various cubes that use tools such as laser beams that are used against the character or reach the goal.

Other tools such as gels can help move or bounce. Elements such as water can get rid of gels. The game can be played with another player or as a single player. The player receives guidance while robots locate humans in vaults. Humans become new test subjects and robots are destroyed. This game has been recognized to be truly innovative for solving puzzles. It received various awards, including Best PC Game of the year. It was also the second best selling games in 2011.

Recently, the most popular puzzle games include Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Puzzles and Dragons. Just like Angry Birds Puzzle and Dragons are based on defeating villains. Other games are based on matching three elements.

Precarious Aspects of Puzzle Games

Some puzzle games delve into mysteries. There are even various puzzles that appear to be almost disturbing because they are, as of now, unsolvable. Do Not Believe His Lies requires players to solve puzzles to receive clues that tell a story. These puzzles became quite complex involving non-mobile device methods such as decrypting keys. So far, no one has been able to come up with the solution. The game is unfinished, and even the entire gaming community gave up on solving it, especially that the final story text seems also ambiguous.

There are games as well that have multiple solutions such as Trine. Also, with open world games, such devices become more common.

Some games are based on real aspects of life such as TouchTone that is about NSA surveillance and contains a hacker theme. Players detect threats through monitoring phone calls, completing puzzles.


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