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Qoo App - Play Foreign Android Games

Updated on December 15, 2015
5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Qoo App

What is Qoo App?

Qoo App gives you access to the newest and greatest apps from all over the Asian market. What I really like about this app is that it lets you download games from Japan, Korea, and China in one simple marketplace without trying to puzzle out what you are looking at. A lot of the app names have been translated to English. The menus are also in English making it easy to navigate throughout the app. If you are looking for a certain application the search feature on the top right works nicely and recognizes English input. By also using the several categories listed in English, as seen to the right, you can narrow your search even further by genre, popularity, etc. This is great because you may not be able to read a description on these games but want to play some Gundam clone shooter or a simple hack n' slash.

None of the games are really translated for the western market but the content is undeniably better. There are a lot of good titles here that we simply do not have Usually westerners have to wait a year or more for localization even if the game is pretty simple. The newest Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Monster Hunter, etc etc all came out here first. Often times the In-App purchases on these games are a bit more competitive because of the popularity of gacha and lottery type games. These games are not as popular in the west and you often see them try to squeeze more money out of players for less content. Sometimes the language barrier can be an issue. If you are struggling with trying to understand a quest you can easily take a screenshot and use something like google translate to see roughly what you need to do.

Installing Qoo App

You can download Qoo App from the official website here. Click on the Qoo App icon on the top left and choose to download it to your pc if you need to sideload it. If you are using an emulator or an android device then you can install it directly. There might be some permission issues but there should be no reason you need to root your phone for this to work. Some of the apps you download will check to see if your device is rooted and may not play if it is. The error message that pops up will say something to the effect of "unauthorized access by program". If you run into this issue you may be able to use Rootcloak or something similar to get past this DRM. Once you have it installed double click on the icon to load it up. The menu is really easy to navigate and you will see news and other tabs that you may not be able to read yet. The search function will work with English to a good degree.

How to Install Foreign Apps with Qoo App

When you have Qoo App open navigate to whatever app you would like. Once selected, simply click on download inside the blue box at the top of the screen. Depending on your connection it may take a few minutes to download the complete APK file. Once the apk is done downloading you should see an automatic prompt appear on your screen asking if the permissions are acceptable. Double check the permissions listed to make sure everything is par for the course. Agree and enjoy!

Sometimes things may not go so smoothly. Especially when we are mashing buttons because we don't understand kanji! If you have any problems after downloading the app from Qoo Ap try looking up the app by name on google. Some apps may be finicky and need a little work around and there may be a community already following the game. Generally when faced with a problem using elevated permissions on any problematic apps will solve the issue unless it is checking for root using DRM. In that case try to use root cloak or some other option to get around it. If the app doesn't work from that point on it may not be compatible with your tablet or android device. Happy Hunting!


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