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Quick Start Evony Teaching Guide

Updated on February 18, 2012

Intro to Evony Guide

I was taught this game by my dad. I created this Evony Guide because I found the game a bit cumbersome in the beginning and decided to figure out the best route to achieving the most Quests in the shortest time with the smallest amount of wasted speedups. If you want to learn and then follow these easy steps and get your prestige up to 4000 fast. Then over 12,000 in prestige. Good luck with my evony guide.

Please be patient and claim your quests as they appear. Or you may follow the how to and miss then next quest. Especially when you want to change a city name (once per 24hours) or your flag.

Understanding my Shortcuts

^^ = You earn a Quest claim your Quest before you build the next item.

Quick Steps guide to Evony start

First, build a Cottage ^^ a farm ^^ a sawmill ^^ a quarry ^^ and a mine ^^.

At this time you should receive a population increase quest ^^

Click overview button below pic, choose production rate, change to 100 for each of the four columns and click apply. ^^

From overview, click adjust Tax rate, and change to 20% ^^

Overview button change your City Name ^^

Click pic, change flag ^^

In the City tab at top, build market place and WAIT for the 12 minutes.

Take this time to go to My Items and under Chest choose newbie package and ONLY the newbie package. We need to do things in order.

Now go to My Items and Chest, choose Amulet, it asks how many, choose the 2 you have and apply. NOTICE:: when spinning, do NOT apply the 5cents to the spin wheel. Or you will lose a Quest (unless you plan on spending money)

There should be about 6 minutes left on the marketplace, take a short break or keep reading info until it is done. Do NOT waste other items . just read details.

Ok, market place is built ^^ now go in market place and sell one (1) piece of food and claim quest ^^ Now go back in market and buy one piece of food and claim quest ^^

Build Rally spot to level 1 ^^ build one barracks to level 1 ^^ build beacon tower and wait the 7m20seconds so you can do some more viewing and reading of details from units in the barracks but DO NOT que up and troops yet. Just read up on them till beacon is built ^^

Now upgrade your cottage to level 2 ^^ Build your Inn to level 1 ^^ Build a warehouse to level 1 and wait the 10mins by now you should receive a population increase quest ^^ then the warehouse quest should follow ^^

I know you don't want to wait.. but it is worth it to wait a few of these lower build times out so we can use the speedups that are not free under 5 minutes for the 14 and 15minute builds. Just a little bit of time and you'll have a nice city very soon.

Now build a feasting hall (6min wait) ^^ while you wait, look in your Inn. As soon as your Feasting Hall is built, you are going to hire the first hero you see here. It will increase your production rates. Take note of the Politics number of this first hero. Now that you have hired this hero he/she goes into your Feasting hall. Now check your Inn again. If the new hero in there has a politics number 15 or more points higher than the one you just hired, Go to your Feasing hall and dismiss the first one you hired. Then back to the Inn and hire the second one. Do this up to 4 times looking for a hero with 50+ in the Politics number. If not, you have a good one the first time - great, now you should have a quest for hero recruitment ^^ Go to your Feasting hall now and Appoint mayor. Choose your new hero as mayor.
>>>> Heros: Heros have 3 different attributes meant for different things. An average hero in the beginning is ok (P=50+,A=50+,I=50+) but not for later play. You will want to find a very low level hero (Level 1,2,or3) with one attribute in the middle 60's. You will be able to upgrade your hero faster and your hero will be much more useful to you.

P=Politics. A politics hero is meant for the best possible resources growth in your city.
A=Attack. An attack hero is the one you want as mayor when you are going to que up troops, then switch back to the highest politics one. Also, the higher your
attack hero is, in the attribute attack, the stronger attacking power you have when that hero is sent on a mission.
I=Intelligence Early on, if you find a hero in the 60s or higher in the attribute intelligence, make that hero the mayor when you are going to research something in your academy. Then switch back to your politics hero after you que up the research.

Go to your city tab, and upgrade your one Iron mine to lvl 2 using your free upgrade. Then upgrade it to lvl 3. You'll have to wait about 4 mins for level 3. Do not waste the speed ups to get it to lvl 3. You should now be able to build a Forge with a free speedup ^^ It is now time to Upgrade your Town Hall to level 2. you will use ONE Beginners guidelines Speed up here and wait the other 7 minutes for it to build.....You should receive 2 Quests now ^^ ^^ and after your promotion receive another quest ^^ Build an academy now (6minutes wait) ^^ Once built, claim quest then go into Academy and research Agriculture ^^ Exit academy and build embassy (8m40seconds) ^^ Once your research of Agriculture is finished, claim your quest and

Begin researching Lumbering
Once your embassy is built, watch for some member in the text window and click on a name and choose write, then write a note that you are only writing to earn a quest ^^ (or they keep chatting) By now i figure your research of Lumbering is done ^^ now research Military Science now you can exit your academy

Type the word Hello in the world Chat text box ^^ About this time, you should be at or have exceeded 1000 Prestige for another quest ^^ Upgrade your Forge to level 2 (about 4m30s to wait)

Now build a Workshop (6min wait)
About now, you should be able to research level 2 Lumbering

Now is the time to look for an alliance to gain some quests. Look for an alliance that is in the 90's for number of members to get a quick number of quests. Apply to join the alliance.

Once you are done building your workshop and have your quest, upgrade your one farm up to level 5 ^^ the first 4 levels of farms are under the 5 minute free upgrade but you'll wait for the level 5 farm ^^ Before your lvl 5 farm is built, you should receive a quest for Wealthy Society, Great Harvest ^^

Soon, your research can be done on Level 2 Military Science Also, the next thing to build should be a Stable to level one with a free speedup under 5minutes ^^

If you are like me, you found an alliance that is in the 90's and just claimed about 8 or 9 quests ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

Now upgrade your one barracks(wait 7+mins) ^^ Upgrade your quarry to level 2

Ok, one thing I don't use is the Warehouse for now so lets get our resources back. Click on your warehouse, then click on the red circle with a line through it and demolish by one level. Now its time to change your Tax rate back to 10% to get your population higher. You should be able to research Lumbering lvl 3 now.

Upgrade Beacon Tower to level 2 ^^

So now you have about a ten minute wait. Do a little more reading up on info. Go back to the main page of Evony for 10 mins and read the how to's then come back to this list.

Now, build another quarry and upgrade it to level 2, you should not be very far away from being able to build level one walls. I suggest you wait for the resources to get up so you can do this. Any other building will cause you to grow slower than this list allows. I have done all the senarios. I have built and recorded all movements on over 40 servers. This is the best method I have found so just wait.

Obviously make sure you have claimed all quests to this point. Ok, finally I have enough stone to build my walls to level one. I am going to use the speedup Primary guidelines to save 15minutes and wait the other 6m30s ^^ Once you can research you should upgrade Agriculture to lvl 3 next

Walls level one should be finished soon ^^

Now then next thing you will need to do is to build 10 workers and warriors. Don't be afraid to send 100 warriors and your workers on a mission when you can.

Upgrade your two cottages both to level 3. Your one Sawmill to level 4 and build another one to level one. Soon your population will go over 500 for another quest ^^ and your wood production will increase enough to give you yet another quest ^^
Next thing to research is Level 4 Lumbering and next thing to build is to upgrade your academy and wait out the 12minutes.

I know you are bored waiting but you will be happy later on. It is important not to waste your free speedup times. Every minute counts early on.

At this point, you can change your tax rate to 100% just long enough to claim a quest then change it back to 5% so your populations remains high ^^

Ok, now it will take a bit of waiting. You need to buildup your valleys in the City tab. You should at this point have 5 farms (1 lvl5-4lvl 1),5iron mines(4lvl 3,1lvl )2quarries(both lvl3),4Sawmills(3lvl 4, 1lvl 3).

Once you have these built, upgrade your Town Hall to level 3 ^^ I used a Primary guidelines to save the 45mins. You'll have 2 Quests from this. ^^ ^^ Now that you claimed those, you should see a quest for Item Purchase. You had better have at
least 5cents left in your shop to buy one Amulet under chest. You will earn another quest from this ^^

Once you have claimed this last quest, your job is to build up and upgrade your farms,quarrys,Ironmines,and Sawmills along with your cottages. You should upgrade your cottages to max 4 before you build another cottage. Alternate between cottage and 2 valleys, then cottage, then 2 valleys until you get your production up to 5000 per valley and earn the quest for each ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

At the same time, you need to be researching resources first.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Assuming you'd be at the point of capping an NPC 10 ratehr than building a city from scratch, you'd be building resource fields, barracks or warehouses after demolishing cottages and farms. Here are the politic hero levels needed for instant builds for those to a level 10:Barrack 2173/1738WH 2311/1849Sawmill 1794/1435Quarry 1852/1482Iron mine 1933/1546This assumes a construction tech level of 10. Hope my math is correct.Perhaps someone with a high-level poly hero can verify these levels. I used the same equation to calculate poly levels needed for fortification builds.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this innfrmatioo.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This was a very helpful guide, thank you.


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