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Warning: Tickle Me Elmo Is Annoying!

Updated on October 19, 2013
Elmo and Rosita. Two friendly monsters.
Elmo and Rosita. Two friendly monsters.

Kids Love Elmo

I haven't yet met a child under the age of seven who doesn't love Elmo.

When our oldest daughter was two, she went literally crazy every time she even saw a picture of Elmo. One of her favorite things to do was watch YouTube clips and DVDs of Elmo singing and playing for hours on end.

Knowing how much she loved Elmo, It seemed like a great idea to get her her own little personal Elmo that she could play with any time she wanted to. It seemed like tha natural thing to do to a parent who loves her child more than almost anything else in the world...and who often has a tendency to spoil the little girl rotten!

I went online to see what I could find. Of course I knew about the Tickle Me Elmo, but I just couldn't bring myself to actually buy one of those for her.

Why resist the Tickle Me Elmo? I knew it would drive me crazy, and apparently it drives small dogs crazy, least according to this video ...

The Updated TMX Tickle Me Elmo

Sanity-Saving Elmos: So what is a parent to do? Get an Elmo that doesn't talk, and there are plenty. This is the one we chose for our daughter.

What I Love About This Elmo

  • The price - It is quite a bit cheaper than any of the other Elmo dolls I've seen.
  • The size - It was the perfect size for our daughter to carry around with her, and she took it with her everywhere!
  • The fur length - It's not as long as on some of the other Elmos, and this is a really good thing because toddlers like to put everything in their mouths.
  • The huggability - This Elmo's body is very soft and pliable, and its arms and legs can wrap around your child perfectly to give them a great big hug.

Things I Don't Like About This Elmo

  • It is not that easy to clean - Not machine washable. You just have to surface clean, which becomes really difficult given that your child will not ever want to put this down long enough to let it dry. And it will get very dirty from frequent use. ***
  • The hard eyes - This is not a major problem, but it did get a little annoying when our daughter used to band Elmo's hard plastic eyes into everything just to hear the noise. And the black paint on his eyes comes off, so Elmo won't have very defined eyes after about a year. I guess you could Magic Marker them back on, though.

***UPDATE: I have since found out that this Elmo is absolutely machine washable. My mom tried it out one day, and it worked fine. He came out in one piece, and he was as good as new. I love it! The only problem is that machine washing may actually cause the paint on Elmo's eyes to come off faster, but since it is coming off anyway, this is not a huge deal.

Not sure if this is the right Elmo for you? Here are some other noiseless options.

A Fun Hand-Me-Down

My older daughter was two when her baby sister was born. Now she's almost four, and her almost two-year-old sister has taken over playing with the Quiet Elmo.

The black on Elmo's eyes is all gone now, but he's still in great shape as far as body stitching and color. In other words, this is a well-made product that lasts through a few years of really hard use. It's one of the best $10-$15 toy purchases we've ever made, and I'm sure that your family won't be disappointed if you opt for one of these great plush Elmos.

You can even hand these down to younger siblings when your older child is done with it. In fact, if they're anything like my second daughter, they're almost going to demand that you pass it down to them!

For Those of You Who Must Have Tickle Me Elmo ...

Find the Perfect Elmo for Your Child

Of course, every child is different. What works for one may not work for another. Only you can decide whether a noisy or quiet Elmo is right for your child...and for the rest of your family. Good luck, and enjoy your search for the perfect Elmo!


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    • workingmomwm profile image

      Mishael Austin Witty 7 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      Thanks for reading. I'm really not sure about the safety of the paint on the eyes. I'll have to research that and update!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Good stuff here. :)

      We live in a noisy world and children need times of peace and quiet where they can evaluate what is going on in life without interruption. This leads me to how important it is to give them good things to think about--so much to write little time!

      Are we sure the paint on the eyes is safe for little ones?