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Updated on December 20, 2012
Note the four set up is for five players!
Note the four set up is for five players! | Source

The Activity!

A few times a year we will have those rainy days that keep us indoors and sometimes bored. If you want to chase those rainy blues away, gather your brothers and sisters...friends, family and lets sit down at the kitchen table with a deck of cards! With this wonderful game, you will be laughing and falling out of your chair and passing the time away in good humorous fun. Allow me, in this RAINY DAY ACTIVITY SERIES, to introduce or re-introduce the card game called SPOONS.

4 of a kind, takes the first spoon....
4 of a kind, takes the first spoon.... | Source

How To Play Spoons, Card Game

When I played this game with my country cousins, they called it HORSE or PIG. Spoons is the traditional name, after all, the objective is to grab a spoon before the last person. You will need a deck of cards with all 52 in place, no jokers. Gather a spoon for every player, minus one. For example; if you have five players, then you will need four spoons. Now, time to gather at the table and prepare to deal out a good time!

The spoons should be placed out into the middle of the table or playing area. Some younger kids can play on the floor. Decide who will begin the deal, then have dealer pass out 4 cards each to all the players. Place the rest of the deck in front of the dealer. The dealer will begin the play.

The dealer draws from the top, one card at a time. The objective is to get four of a kind, then you can reach for a spoon. With the draw, the dealer decides if he wants to keep card or discard face down to his left. If he keeps the card, then he must discard another. You can only have four cards in your hands at one time. As the discard is laid down the next player picks up and decides if he has use for matching his four, passing his discard to his left. This continues around the circle and creates at discard pile between last player and dealer. At this point, this discard pile is dead.

Once a person has four of a kind, reach for a spoon. You can keep playing with spoon in hand, but keep your four of a kind. Once a spoon is withdrawn, then the game is open for anyone to grab a spoon! Once the last spoon is picked up, then the player without a spoon is given a letter S, for his score. For each score given, it is a letter, until you spell out the name SPOONS. Once you score the full word, you are out of competition.

The deal is always passed to the left after each game. Once a player is knocked out of game, then one spoon is withdrawn, keeping the spoons one less than the players. Continue the competition until you have two players left. With one spoon on the table, whoever spells out SPOONS first, is the last loser, and the remaining player becomes champion.

What becomes tricky is some people will pass cards along slow and some will fast. There are points of the game, where your draw pile is growing and things have sped up. All at the same time you have to keep watch on the spoons. All it takes in one person to received four of a kind for a spoon to be pulled! I love it when a spoon is sneaked away and everyone else continues to go wild over trying to handle the fast pace and the cards in their hands. Then come the realization a spoon is gone and all scramble, chasing the spoons like musical chairs!

Whoever pulled the first spoon must show their hand. If they failed to have four of a kind, they are knocked out immediately. So watch your hand closely, keep picking up from your draw pile, discard and cast an eye on the spoons in the middle of the table. I also suggest you not have drinks nearby. Sometimes crazy things happen, like flying across the table to dive for the last spoon!

Try this game out and be sure to check online for other card games to play. This game fits all ages. I hope you enjoyed the RAINY DAY ACTIVITY SERIES, Card Game Called Spoons. Go on, start shuffling those cards and gather some folks. You do not even have to wait for a rainy day to play this game!


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    • StackGrinders profile image


      5 years ago from Burbank, CA

      waaa, I haven't played spoons in ages!

    • backporchstories profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Kentucky

      I learned to shuffle cards at a tender age! A lot of card games at our family gatherings....

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      5 years ago from San Francisco

      As a game collector from the age of 8 I have played spoons. So I am here to support you.


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