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RC 182 Cessna - Is The RC Cessna 182 That Good?

Updated on January 13, 2013

RC 182 Cessna...Reviewed!

Park flyers Cessna 182 professional deluxe: I did not think I was going to review it so I don't have any pictures of how it looked in the box. I'll check you tube and if I can find a good unboxing video I'll post it below. It comes very nicely boxed and I personally don't see any big dangers of damage in shipping. This airplane comes RTF in that it comes with everything you need including the glue and to my surprise it included a fms trainer CD and cord to connect to the included 2.4ghz transmitter.

RC 182 Cessna...Specs:

***Has a Wingspread 32.5 inches.

***It's length is 28.5 inches.

***It weighs in at 22.7 ounces.

***The motor is a himag 480.

***Has a 4 channel radio transmitter 2.4ghz with 4 9gram servos.

***Comes with charger with ac balancing adjustable charge rate.

***The battery is 7.4v 2200mah.

Assembly is really simple, with the RC 182 Cessna and takes approximately fifteen minutes. I used 15 min epoxy resin rather than the included glue simple a personal preference and epoxy glue gives you a bit stronger adhesion. The only reason it took me so long to assemble is because I kept stopping to view how to accurate scale this plane actually is, right down to the wheel pants. I was absolutely amazed in how easy it joined together, needed to make one tiny slit in the fuselage to fit the tail gear on... This point is brought up in the book of instructions.

I installed the landing gear and affixed the wing that's connected using 2 screws. As searched for the position of the cg in the instructions, there was no reference to it. I contacted park flyers and made them aware of this and it will be taken care of. The CG is directly on the wingspan/strengthener just aft of the leading edge which is 1 1/4 inches back from leading edge.

That was the only omission on this RC 182 Cessna. Make a point to get your flying surfaces as level as practicable prior to you trying to fly, by adjusting the linkages. Save your trim on your radio set for in flight trims since the radio does not offer you a great deal trim adjustment. The only other thing I did was I put some strengthened packing tape on the leading edge of the primary wing.

Flying times are as promoted, approximately twenty minutes with correct throttle control. I was astonished, my 1st flight was in the ball diamond and it went airborne in about twenty feet it really threw me off-guard and I dumb fingered it into a roll about fifteen feet from the ground, so I finished out the unplanned roll and went right into a loop-the-loop the onlookers were impressed and so was I!

For the first time flyer of the RC 182 Cessna, be certain to connect your elevator and aileron linkages to the center hole, this airplane is really sensitive and you could very easily over control it. Place the rudder linkage to the outer hole so you've got some ground steering control, the landing gear wheel is fixed so it requires a bit of maneuvering to get it turn on the ground, which is why I'm going to make my nose gear steerable, but it's not essential to do this. If you bend the landing gear, which you will, remove it before you trying to straighten it out or you may break the supports.



UnBoxing The RC 182 Cessna!


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