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Review - Top 5 Mobile Games of December That Won't Cost You A Penny

Updated on January 8, 2017

The Very Best

It's amazing nowadays how the mobile gaming industry it's's getting bigger and more powerful every month. Heck, I still remember the days when the most fun I could get out of a cellphone was playing Snake (that was -for the younger audience- just a bunch of dots eating each other) when today we can have gorgeous, engaging and mind blowing experiences. From pixelicious style to PlayStation 3 type of power, today we're counting down the best mobile experiences that December left us.

(As a quick disclaimer, in this list I'm not counting just graphics but the overall fun you can have playing this games)

5 - Dawn of Titans (IOS-Android)

If you're an action-strategy fan then today's pick will not disappoint you. Basically what Dawn of Titans does to the mobile industry is making it even closer to the PC industry. Right, the controls will never be the same but for a mobile game, it plays surprisingly smooth.With a Warcraft-like gameplay, you hop on in with the basic objective of conquering the land around you controlling hordes of warriors or huge titans that can wipe entire fields for you. The graphics are amazing as advertised in the AppStore and the fantasy-medieval world was done with care. That coupled with the number of soldiers you can have on screen and how they interact with each other makes the experience worth your money... but the game it's free, so it's definitely worth your time!

4 - Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert (IOS-Android)

Now, for a more quirky-fun oriented experience, we have Silly Sausage Dog. Your objective in this game is to make doggy reach the goal, how do you do that? Well, it's pretty bizarre.. but still a lot of fun! Basically doggy can stick to any safe surface (be it ground, roof, or walls) by extending his body in a way that only Jake the dog (from Adventure Time) could understand. And you can grab gems and delicious food in the process!

3- Fast Food Rampage (IOS-Android)

Are you an FPS fan? Do you like shooting bullets all around you? Well then, you can read another article because today we're shooting FOOD! Yeah, if impossibly flexible dogs weren't bizarre enough for you let me introduce you to MIMO, and a clown that spends his days shooting burgers, fries and all sorts of fast foods to hipsters. Now, the game is surprisingly fun letting you choose from many styles of weapons, the more you play the more GTA vibes you'll get from this game. Of course, with a more retro-arcade feeling to it.

2- Mario Run (IOS-Android version in the making)

Yep, the good ol' plumber came back for some platforming action.. as always. Now, the game most good for me to consider it Top 2 of December, right? Well... it really is but... it's not exactly free. But you can download a free version of the game that will still deliver in giving hours of fun! Or minutes, since you'll only have three maps available. You also have to be connected to the internet all the time play... But there's a clear reason why I rate this game so highly! And it's because it has everything you would expect in a paid Nintendo game. Really, the game has at the very least Nintendo's 3DS quality. As a runner game you have no decision in making Mario stop, so well timed jumps and a knowledge of the world your are in are the keys to victory!

1- Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore (IOS-Android version in the making)

Now for the number one pick, GALAXY IN FIRE 3! The Very Best free mobile game of December and personal favorite space shooter, this game just has too much to offer. Now at fist glance, you'll probably be amazed by the gorgeous graphics of this games (maybe you'll fell reassured by the decision of buying such an expensive smartphone) but Galaxy on Fire 3 is much more than just graphics, the real time shooter elements mixed with engaging history and customizable ships made it the best free game of December.

Do you agree with me? Which mobile game do you feel was the BEST of december?

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