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Review of Fisher price zen collection gliding bassinet

Updated on July 5, 2011

The Fisher Price Zen Gliding Bassinet is like the Mercedes Benz of baby bassinets. It’s part of a high-end collection that Fisher Price has produced to target those who tastes may lean towards the upscale.

The name tells you everything you need to know. It’s by Fisher Price so you know you can trust it for design and functionality. The Zen implies a serene environment where your baby will slumber peacefully.

The full size bassinet is big. Once assembled, this bassinet is going to take up a lot of space. It measures about 41” in length and with the canopy will stand about 58” tall.

The Fisher Price Zen Gliding Bassinet uses a sheer canopy to shield your precious one from too much sunlight or too many insects that may be buzzing around the room.

The glider features a speed control so you can decide which speed is best to gently sway your baby.

The glider also works in harmony with a built-in sound system that contains a preset timer. You have 15 songs to choose from or use sound effects.

This bassinet even offers mobility with wheels attached so you can easily maneuver it from one room to the next without ever being too far away from your baby.

There’s a storage area underneath the bassinet and a waterproof pad with removable washable cover.

Aesthetically stunning, the Fisher Price Zen Gliding Bassinet might even appeal to buyers who don’t even have a baby, but might like it as a showcase piece in a theme room to add character to a sunroom or a study. Its style is contradictory with a contemporary spin on an age-old concept. The rich wood accents are designed as part of the earth tone palette to fit in with whatever motif you are creating.

Moms who have purchased this bassinet praise its solid craftsmanship and functionality.  The glider function operates well and has a smooth motion.

Moms may think their babies are perfect, but they don’t think the Fisher Price Zen bassinet is perfect, they found a few cons.  Many complained that the mattress is lean on padding, uncomforatable and not soft enough. 

Others complained that the glider makes a mechanical whir like a motor or something.  It’s not extremely loud, but even a little bit of noise is too much noise when your goal is rocking a child to sleep.

Even with these few glitches, for the most part parents seem to like the bassinet.

The bassinet is part of the a full line in the Fisher Price Zen Collection. The Zen Collection Cradle Swing, inspired by the chair of the same name, the fisher price papasan cradle swing offers a wide open cushion for baby. The Fisher price Zen high chair comes with trays safe for the dishwasher and a reclining chair. The Zen collection Infant seat is the newest in fisher price bouncers equipped with 10 different songs and varying speeds.


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