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Rune Factory: Frontier Crop Profits

Updated on April 12, 2010

Want Money?? Plant These!!

Wondering what the best crops to plant are? This will tell you. I've worked out profits per 3x3 plot, per season (per plot), and per year (per plot). Of course, you can find out how much you can ultimately make in a year by multiplying by the number of plots of each crop you're planting.

NOTE: There are 45 available plots on your farm.

If you have questions, please post it in the feedback box, and I'll try to help you out:)

Crop Profit Chart Intro

The following chart lists, I believe, all the crops in the game, and tells their profits per plot, per season (for one plot) , and per year (one plot). Also, it tells those three if you don't have to buy your seeds (using the seedmaker), and FS is Free Seeds (I know, they aren't really free, but at least you don't have to buy them)

The starred crops are the most profitable crops (one vegetable, one flower) for each season. Also, for the chart to be totally accurate, you must plant your crops on the 30th of the previous season so you get the full 30 days to grow. If you have prosperous zones, this will decrease the time your crops take to grow, thereby possibly increasing the amount of profit you get in the season or year.

Also, note that Pink Cats are the best seasonal crop for summer. But, you should plant pumpkins in the dungeon if you don't want to wait a year to get paid for the clovers.

Use this link if the chart in the next box isn't working:

Rune Factory Profit Chart

Crop Profit Chart

Quick Profit Guide

The "In a Nutshell" Version

Ok, so I'll try to be quick here. Read the spreadsheet screenshot for the full chart if you don't understand how or why these are the best.

NOTE: GET THE SEEDMAKER. The following numbers are the profits when you're making your own seeds. The other numbers are in the chart.

NOTE # 2: When you have money, GREENIFY YOUR CROPS. Higher level crops make even more money. Get each to level 10 if you can by the second year, and have enough level 10 seeds to fill your fields.

Spring: Cabbages make 81600 per 3x3 plot per year (in a dungeon). Also, they are the best crop to plant on your farm in spring at 16320 per plot.

Emery Flowers are the best spring crop for the dungeons at 153600 per year.

Summer: Pumpkins are the best summer crop for your farm at 12000 for the season per plot, and the best for the dungeon at 60000 for the year. At least until you get Gold Pumpkins, which are better by a few thousand.

Clovers make 104000 for the year, and take 60 days to grow.

Autumn: Carrots are the best for the farm at 12960. Eggplant is the best in the dungeon at 57680 for the year.

Autumn Grass makes 104000 for the year, though I'm not sure how to get it.

The best crops on Whale Island are Cabbages and Emery Flowers.

Reader Feedback

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    • mysta02 profile image

      mysta02 4 years ago

      @anonymous: No problem:) Glad we could hash that out. We both learned something and others may profit from our discussion, as well!

      Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      @mysta02: Sorry, turns out we were both right, so you were not wrong. Looks like I was sleepy when I did this last night... Anyway your numbers are correct for level 1 crops and no prosperity. But, since prosperity changes EVERYTHING, and for higher level crops you always need the seed maker, my numbers are also correct (after a few small corrections).

      So yeah, thank you for writing this and taking the time to answer me and forgive me if I was being rude.

      If you are interested, my corrected numbers are these (for level 10 crops and 8 prosperity areas)(I am now 100% sure of these!):

      Spring: the most profitable crop is Toy Herb at 141,120G. Next is Cucumber at 110,432G, followed by Golden Turnip in 3rd place at 112,000G.

      Summer: most profitable is Pumpkin at 168,000G. Next is Tomato at 142,296G. And in 3rd place is Pink Cat at 116,480G.

      Autumn: most profitable crop is Eggplant at 189,728G. Still the most profitable crop in the ENTIRE GAME. Second place is Charm Blue with 159,040G, and finally Bell Pepper in 3rd place with 135,520G.

      Best crops for dungeons(yearly profits) are in this order: Eggplant (846,720G), Pumpkin (693,000G) and Toy Herb (604,800G).

    • mysta02 profile image

      mysta02 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Sorry, your formulas confuse me. I just did basic math to get my numbers. Let's take Cucumber, for example: Purchase seed bag for 680, sell each of the 9 cucumbers for 340, make 2380 profit (340*9-680). That's for one plot of 3x3. Cucumbers take 10 days to grow, then 6 to regrow. Assuming we plant on Winter 30, the first crop will be harvestable by Spring 10, the second by Spring 16, the third by Spring 22, the fourth by Spring 28. That's 4 crops in Spring for a total profit of 11560 (340*9*4-680). My monthly/yearly numbers take reharvestable crops' seed savings into account.

      Also, my numbers are based solely on Level 1 seeds and whatever level of Runeys keeps things stable, not the maxed out Runeys that decrease crop growth times. I did mention all of this above the chart. Your numbers may be correct. I never played enough to find out the crop values of every max level crop.

      I put this here because I like to have the most profitable crops growing in my fields and felt others might like to know, also. Anyone is able to use the basics I laid out to calculate the values for leveled-up crops or maxed runeys, though I never learned the values of either of those variables.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      These numbers are sadly WRONG. Not meaning any disrespect to the poster, but I've just calculated all crop profits taking reseeding prices into consideration and obtained starkly different numbers. My furmulae:

      Reharvest. profits = 9*[(days of season - days to grow)/days to regrow]*crop price - reseeding price

      non reharvest. profits = 9*[(days of season - days to grow)/days to grow]*crop price - reseeding price

      For reharvestables, reseeding price is the price of 1 crop over the total crops produced, since you only need to seed once per season (in a dungeon, only once in a lifetime).

      For non reharvestables, you lose exactly one crop every time you reseed. So reseeding price is the price of one crop per harvest (pretty expensive...)

      I assumed all crops lvl 10 and 8 areas in prosperity. Having said that here are my numbers.

      Spring: the most profitable crop is Cucumber at ~102,807G. Next is toy herb at 100,800G, followed by Cabbage in 3rd place at 76,160G.

      Summer: most profitable is Tomato at ~137,589G. Next is Pumpkin at 100,800G. And in 3rd place is Corn at ~98,278G.

      Autumn: most profitable crop is Eggplant at ~183,453G. This is also the most profitable crop in the ENTIRE GAME. Second place is Bell Pepper with ~131,037G, and finally charm blue in 3rd place with 95,424G.

      Note: for dungeons, the best crops are reharvestables. You only have to plant once, so reseeding costs tend to zero the longer the crop stays planted.

    • profile image

      jtllau 7 years ago

      I have a question. I have already befriended the girl, got the silver hammer, and had some dreams, but the gate at Whale Island has not opened. Why?

    • mysta02 profile image

      mysta02 7 years ago

      @jtllau: Each area has its own prosperity rating, so if you have your homestead in prosperity, but others are black (0 runeys), you will have slower growth. All of your areas affect all of your crops. So, you may have to balance your areas. Take the one out of prosperity if necessary to get at least a few of each type of runey into ALL of your areas. I hope this helps.

    • profile image

      jtllau 7 years ago

      I have a question. My field is in the "prosperity" state. However, my crops still take longer to grow than they are supposed too. I also water them every day. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?