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Racetrac RT-40 Headphones On Ebay

Updated on June 19, 2013

Here's A Video I Made For You Of RT-40 Racetrac Headphones

Racetrac RT-40 Headphones

Wow, how cool are these? I bet you would get some looks walking down the street with these bad boys on. I saw these at Goodwill and just couldn't resist. For less than $5 how can you go wrong? Generally whenever i find electronics at Goodwill, they are shot or severely damaged in some way. Miraculously these were complete and in excellent working condition. These are interesting because each side has a volume control which is very detailed and precise. I can only imagine that back when these came out they must have sold for a lot.

I love the sharp red color and how it contrasts with the black parts of these headphones. It's no surprise that they are collectible and in demand on Ebay. I checked to see how much they were worth, and it looks like you can easily get $20 plus shipping for them. I have seen them go with a scanner and some other hookups for a bit more, but I am pleased with their value considering my investment. This is just the sort of thing that I love to buy and sell because it can't really go out of style. I figure that in this shape, they can only go up in value and with that vintage red look to them, I just love it.

I can't say that I have much of a use for them though, so onto Ebay they go! It's tough to find stuff like this at thrift shops and Goodwill around here, but perhaps you have better luck near you. Vintage electric devices are almost always worth good money to collectors because now everything is junk that is made in China. Keep an eye out for vintage electronics, especially funky looking stuff like these, because they are unique. I think that to the right buyer, I could probably get even more money, I would just have to have a very good description.

When we picked these up, my girlfriend initially thought it was broken because one side was turned down to the zero setting. Here's a quick thing to remember, always check and then double check all of the details! If we weren't careful, we could have missed out. Sometimes there is more to what meets the eye, so make sure to check things over very carefully before you buy them or pass on them!

I hope you enjoyed this hub! If you liked it would you subscribe for more? Do you love treasure hunting, selling on Ebay, or just learning about cool vintage stuff? Check out my youtube channel for tons of videos about my adventures and hauls as well as tips, tricks, and countless bits of information.

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