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Racing Fun with Hot Wheels Tracks

Updated on January 24, 2012

Many men and women fondly remember being boys and girls playing with their childhood toys and play things. One toy in particular that holds a special place in many hearts is Hot Wheels Tracks.

For many, these die cast hot rods were perfect for racing with friends. Childhood memories bring to recollection the roaring pretend engines rumbling to life. Rubber wheels spinning on mock pavement tracks, and the black and white checkered racing flag falling as the pretend cars raced toward the finish line. Kids cheered as their car took to the track faster and faster anticipating that this time their hot wheel would be the winner. Ah childhood imaginations and memories!

Time Are A'Changing

The hot wheels tracks of yesteryear are no longer the same as us 30 to 40 something’s recall. Hot wheels tracks are constantly updated and changed frequently to enrapture new girls and boys with newfangled technology, sounds and feats of daring car action!

When we were kids, they were simply designed for racing action with tiny tracks that we could push our race cars on and use our imagination to propel them to victory. As technology has advanced, these fun race car tracks have become more advanced as well. New tricks and stunts along with amazing car launchers can propel our simple hot rod Hot Wheels cars to new speeds and heights as they dip and loop and spin around the black plastic lanes of the hot wheels racing world.

Hot Wheels Tracks New Features

Truly our modern hot wheels tracks really are no different in play than they were when the kids of the 60s and 70s played with them. But the motorized features and realistic sounds have challenged young children of today with a realism that far surpasses anything we could have ever imagined.

In fact recently Hot Wheels has brought back color changing cars so many hot wheels tracks now have water as an added feature. The race cars can now race through the tracks which are equipped with mini spray guns and water containers that pour water on them as they speed around the track.

Sharing Your Childhood Fun

Most Hot Wheels tracks are customizable with new features and tracks so that the track set can be upgraded to give your children lots of play time without getting bored. If you don’t already have Hot Wheels tracks for your kids, then now might be the right time to bring one home.

You’ll find that sometimes just sitting on the floor and building a track together can provide that one on one time your kids need to bond and relate to you. It certainly can get them off video games and TV and provide a new, fun way to introduce them to a little bit of your own childhood fun!


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    • The Pink Panther profile image

      The Pink Panther 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I used to love playing with Hot Wheels cars as a little kid.

      Great hub!