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Ractis UFO Catcher - Free Claw Machine Game on Web

Updated on February 20, 2014
The claw grabber is shaped like a Toyota Ractis
The claw grabber is shaped like a Toyota Ractis

Ractis UFO Catcher

6/7/2013 UPDATE: This free preview game is no longer available online but may be available as a cell phone app in some areas. If you find the free preview online, please leave a comment where you found it so others can play, too. In the meantime, I will keep this hub published for informational purposes. Here is the old hub:

You can play the free demo of Ractis UFO Catcher at

You can sign in with Facebook or Twitter or just click on the DEMO button to start.

The virtual prizes are adorable characters that look like some of the large prizes that were used in the giant real-life game like:

  • Teddy Bears
  • Giant Sprinkle Doughnuts

Screenshot from video at
Screenshot from video at

Largest UFO Catcher

For a recent project by Toyota to promote their car called the Ractis, they built a giant UFO Catcher. The "claw" grabber was shaped like an actual Ractis. If you were lucky enough to be there in October 2011 you could have a chance to see the giant claw machine in action and watch families who tried to win a giant teddy bear. At the end of this hub is a video if you want to see more or go to link:

If you missed it in real can play the virtual version: a free demo game they put online called RACTIS UFO CATCHER.

Here's some tips on how to play.

Me starting the demo game

Playing the Demo

As the game is loading you can click SKIP if you want to go straight to the game. Then choose which option you want to sign on with

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • DEMO
  1. If you choose DEMO mode then click on the blue START! button and the machine will fill up with adorable prizes. The tiny Ractis car will move along the track.
  2. Click on the blue GO! button to make the tiny Ractis car stop in front of whichever prize you want.
  3. The claw will move to the place you selected and you will see the overhead view of the virtual prizes inside the machine.
  4. The tiny Ractis car will move along the track again.
  5. Click on the blue GO! button again to make the car stop and the claw will move to the place you selected, then it will drop down to grab your prize. GOOD LUCK!

Win or Lose...

you can click on the blue rectangle box to play again

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A Fun Game Demo

I've been tracking down free claw machine games on the web for years and the Ractis UFO Catcher demo is short but its definitely fun to play. It has cute graphics, really fun music and I just wish I had been there to play the giant game in real life. This game is a fun way to save your quarters and still enjoy the thrill of the claw game. You should check out the game demo if you're a fan of

  • UFO Catchers
  • Skill Cranes
  • Claw Machines

Toyota's Giant Ractis UFO Catcher IRL


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