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Radio Control Rat A Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy

Updated on April 4, 2012

Radio control rat, A remote control mouse cat toy you can use for your cats and even dogs.

radio control rat
radio control rat

Some pet cats and dogs are not allowed to wander outside the house and need some outlet which would release some of their excess energy. Some pet owners will try to walk their pets around the neighborhood or just use a treadmill. There are also some pet owners that will play with their pets with the help of pet toy. Unfortunately, people or pet owners does not always have the energy to play with their pets and pets with excess energy can cause anxiety. But with the popularity of remote control toys, they have created a toy that will be a great toy for their pets. And that toy is the radio control rat.


The remote control rats being sold in amazon varies in all shapes and sizes but the micro mouse radio controlled rat is the best one in my opinion. This remote controlled rat is available in two colors. One remote control rat is colored gray and one rat remote control is colored black. Both have a cartoonish rat appearance but still looks like a real rat. The rat rc has a smooth suede/felt texture that will protect the toy and your pet from unnecessary ingestion of parts. In terms of size, this remote controlled mouse cat toy is sized like a real mouse.

movements and controls

In terms of being a remote control toy, this rat rc toy can be easily compared to a car rc toy because the upper part is what you can only consider as a rat toy because the remote controlled mice uses wheels. Because of using wheels it has the mobility and the maneuverability of rc toy cars so this would be a good chasing toy for your pets. The downside of using wheels it is as noisy as normal rc toy cars. This radio control rat has the same wheel grinding sound as any other ground based remote control toys.

cat playing with a remote control mouse

There are other remote control rats besides the micromouse. Like the animal planet radio control mouse and the uncle milton rc rat but these two remote controlled rats only have the spin button for directional controls which would limit the toy’s maneuverability. So in my opinion, The micro mouse is the best radio control rat.


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