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Full Review on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Las Vegas for Xbox 360

Updated on August 19, 2011

Rainbow Six Vegas in action - Multiplayer Coop Trailer

Original Hub Request - Can anyone give me a complete review on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas for Xbox 360, as I want to buy this game.

Hi Xbox 360 enthusiasts,

As we have lost our faith in Rainbow Six Series after embarrassingly easy Rainbow Six Lockdown, the latest series in the Rainbow six successfully restores our faith. The game play of Las Vegas is inclined more towards action than on tactics. I suppose the developers of Tom Clancy series now want only ghost recon series to be tactical. It is different but by far one of the best in the rainbow series.

The graphics are awesome if you have a card to blow it up. Unfortunately FPS in the game is not stable. You should at least have 7600 gt and 2 gigs of RAM to play this game in FPS above 30. There is not much customization in the graphics, so there are not much options here. The game looks almost the same in the low and high settings.

The game play is a hybrid of tactical and action shooters. You have two team members to whom you can give orders. The game is all about finding a good cover. Rest is easy even at realistic difficulty. If you play cover to cover, you will be fine. The game play mechanics are good too. You have to use right click to stick to cover and blow the enemy up after getting out of the cover while aiming at the enemy using direction keys. You can perform cool moves by hanging upside down in a rappel and shoot at the enemy.

Enter the scene Movie style by smashing through windows, etc, etc. This all looks cool even until the very end. Having said that it is about the cover the game play has diversity because of environments. The weapons too have diversity and are nicely modeled. No complaints here. The multiplayer is good. There is no FPS problem here as in single player but is unstable.

Ratings on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being worse and 10 being excellent.

  1. Presentation: 8.0. The story is non-existent but voice chats between team members gives you a feeling of reality and makes you believe in the story. The voice acting is good too.
  2. Graphics: 9.5. The graphics are awesome but there are stability issues.
  3. Game play: 9.5. I am speechless.
  4. Sound: 9.0. Great sound. Great voice acting.

Overall score is 9, really incredible.

Friends, I would recommend to give this game a try and mind me the try will be worth your money. Please also leave your valuable feedback in the comment's section below.

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Rainbow Six Vegas - The Ultimate warrior
Rainbow Six Vegas - The Ultimate warrior
Rainbow Six Vegas - Killing continued
Rainbow Six Vegas - Killing continued
Rainbow Six Vegas - The Force power
Rainbow Six Vegas - The Force power
A still from Rainbow Six Vegas
A still from Rainbow Six Vegas


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