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Ralts Evolution Chart

Updated on March 28, 2012

Ralts Evolution Chart

The Ralts Evolution Chart
The Ralts Evolution Chart

Questions About the Ralts Evolution Chart?

Do you have any questions about the Ralts evolution chart? Or any questions about Pokémon at all?

The best place to find an answer is on the Pokémon forum, where they will give you friendly and quick answers to any questions.

Even better new members get FREE Pokémon, and if you ask nicely you can get a free Dawn Stone off of Monster Man to get your Ralts evolving into Gallade.

The Ralts Evolution Chart

The Ralts Evolution Chart is an interesting one. As with many Pokémon charts, such as the Poochyena Evolution Chart, it evolves at level 20 into Kirlia, which is a basic concept in Pokémon, simply evolving by levelling up.

But after that things are a bit more interesting as Kirlia can go one of two ways

1) No matter what the gender it will evolve into Gardevoir at level 30
2) IF Ralts is Male then it can evolve into Gallade from Kirlia by using the Dawn Stone

Not many Pokémon evolve separately depending on their gender. Only really the Nido family range (which are a little different, but Nidoran evolves into Nidoking and Nidoqueen respectively), the Snorunt family, the Combee family and the Burmy family have this ability to evolve differently depending on gender.

This makes the Ralts evolution chart a very interesting one, and something of an anomaly. But worth pursuing, both Gardevoir and Gallade are powerful Pokémon that certainly have their place in competitive battling.

Shiny Gallade

The alternative coloring for a shiny Gallade
The alternative coloring for a shiny Gallade

How to Catch Ralts

Of course for the Ralts Evolution chart (above) to be of any use, you first need to have a Ralts - which means capturing one. But how do you capture a Ralts? Obviously depends on the game, below we have the 'Ralts capture guide' to ensure you get one so you can choose between Gallade and Gardevoir...

How to Capture a Ralts in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White

In Pokémon Black and White there are a couple of ways for you to capture a ralts

1) If you own Pokémon White then it is one of the Pokémon that can appear in White forest.
2) It is also available as a Dream World Pokémon. It appears in Spooky Manor if you have over 10,000 Dream World Points. It's Dream World ability is Telepathy.

How to Capture a Ralts in Pokémon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum

To catch a Ralts in Pokemon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum is done in one of two ways

1) In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you need the Pokeradar. Head over to Route 203 or the south side of Route 204 and use it. You have an 11% chance of finding a Ralts.
2) In Pokemon Platinum they appear after the main game is completed (beating the Elite 4) on Routes 208 and 209. 15% chance of finding one on Route 208 and a 20% chance of finding one on Route 209.

Capturing a Ralts in Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold

Ralts is a swarm Pokemon in Soul Silver and Heart Gold. Everyday there a particular Pokemon swarms on a set route. Ralts will swarm on Route 34.

Gardevoir in Battle


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