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Range Rover beautiful sea - typical hobby giants Vietnam

Updated on March 24, 2016

Range Rover is one of the first luxury SUV to become the mainstream for the giants in Vietnam.

Vehicles into the UK and Europe is always shown resistance standards of the giants play. Compared with the Japanese, the car I always put on a level of luxury and class in the eyes of the Vietnamese. Range Rover thus became a standard expression of wealth, though the majority of wheelchair wheel is not genuine imports.

Range Rover and Range Rover Sport

Range Rover and Range Rover Sport the smaller countries are taken continuously, despite the high cost, or an error occurs due to many car importers do not use optimal materials weather. Accompanied car into the sea is always beautiful.

Vietnam's Range Rover giants also have a point, using multiple plates is the most repeaters. Easy to find, but the quarter-funds, contingent wealth from provinces all over the country as 111.11 in Saigon, Hanoi or 888.88 999.99 Nghe An. In addition, the SUV has many beautiful sea of repeat 2, 3 or coincided with the beginning of the local number.

British luxury

British luxury vehicles have multiple versions, including without counting the special edition is the most expensive in American Autobiography prices near US $ 200,000, as of the Vietnam could reach $ 600,000.

The following are the Range Rover beautiful beach in Vietnam, shared by readers photos of fanpage Cars


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