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Rare Dragon Ball Z Toys

Updated on January 6, 2012

Dragon Ball Z fanatics all want to have a piece, a memorable piece that is, of probably the world’s most popular anime series of all time – Dragon Ball. The series, created by Akira Toriyama, has inspired several ventures like a trading card game and a toy collection. Several toy manufacturing companies in Japan like Bandai released several action figures (including posable ones) inspired by this world renowned anime series. Some Dragon Ball Z toys are very coveted by toy collectors and Dragon Ball fanatics because they are rare. Just because they are rare, does not mean that you cannot find several of them in one website.

The Dragon Ball series is a world famous Japanese anime series that was created by Akira Toriyama. It began with the story of a small child with a monkey tail named San Goku. There, the adventures started. Goku, together with his training partner, Klirin entered a tournament where they battled out several powerful and older players. It is only not the competition that they fight. Goku has also fought over the peace of the world from several villains that threatened to claim it. The series focuses on the adventures of Goku through his life. He battles out more serious enemies like Majinbu, Freeza, and Cell. Of course, Goku cannot survive and win it all on his own. He has friends like Vegetta, Vulma, ChiChi, Piccolo, and TenchinHan. Goku had sons with ChiChi named Gohan and Goten. His two kids together with Trunks (the son of Vegetta and Vulma) has continued the adventures when Goku was in the other world (the place where dead ones go). The story revolves around the idea of dragon balls. When all the dragon balls are completed and are put in one area close to each other, the balls will produce the magical and almighty dragon where one can make wishes. The dragon will grant the wish and will disappear and the balls will fly out in space to different directions and the search for them starts again.

The very simple idea behind dragon ball was catching and fun. The fights that take place in each adventure are superb. Watchers and fans of the anime want to recreate those scenes in any way. Toy manufacturers caught on to the phenomenon and made their own versions of the series. First was the Dragon Ball Z inspired card game. The game was popular then but in 2006, it was discontinued. However, Bandai, has reconstructed the trading card game and has released a whole new version of it in 2008. The new game includes new cards and a completely different set of rules that made the game more exciting. Bandai has also released toys inspired by the anime series. These toys are most coveted by the fans.

Though you can find many Dragon Ball toys in supermarkets, toy stores, and in your local department store, you are not sure of their quality. As fans of the game or being a toy collector, you always want to get a Dragon Ball Z action figure that is rare and that no other person owns. Rare Dragon Ball Z toys are not that hard to find though their production is smaller compared to regular figures. So, what are rare Dragon Ball Z toys or action figures?

When speaking of rare, most people would immediately think of number and cost. True, rare toys are quite expensive and are produced in a limited number. However, there is more to rare Dragon Ball Z toys than just numbers and money. If you really want to find rare Dragon Ball z toys then you must know the series pretty good. It is recommended to search for action figures or toys of those events in the series that are not so popular and those characters that are not so popular. You can also search for rare toys that mimic popular events of characters in the game series but it will be pretty difficult for you to find some. So, how can you get your hands on these rare Dragon Ball Z toys?

First, you can try Googling them or searching for them on the Internet. You can also go to Internet retailers like and You can also try registering to forums or websites dedicated to Dragon Balls or Japanese animes. If you have the budget, you can go to Japan and go to Bandai’s store and showroom. You can purchase limited edition Dragon Ball Z toys there for quite a hefty price.

Dragon Ball Z Toys


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