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Updated on November 11, 2014

Razor 360 RipRider


Razor 360

The Razor 360 is such an exciting ride-on toy. My boys ages 11 and 5 absolutely love them. It seems like every boy in our neighborhood has one. It looks a lot like a big wheel, but the rear wheels are tiny. The best part of it is that it uses castor wheels on the back so you can drift and make wild 360 spins. The construction is pretty solid with an all steel frame and takes the abuse my kids put them through. There is a large wheel in the front that offers great grip to the road. The front wheel can move freely to allow easy coasting. The wide bar in the back allows for easy standing and using it kind of like a scooter to do tricks. This toy has won numerous awards like Toy of the year from Time and Parents magazine. It has received hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews from shoppers on Amazon.

There are two versions. The blue one is the original and is called the RipRider while the red one is the FlashRider. The red one can make sparks by lowering a bar to touch the ground. We have the red ones because my kids really wanted red. They are both pretty identical except for the red ones ability to make sparks. the sparks work ok for a little while but, soon the plastic piece with the metal bars for sparks falls off. Then it keeps falling off. It is replaceable but, it does become a huge pain. My kids soon stopped asking me to replace the spark piece or who knows? maybe they lost it. Anyway I would't let that stop you from buying the toy. I would just get whatever one is cheaper or like in my case the red one because that is the one they asked for. It is good for about age 4 to maybe 12 or 13. The weight limit is 160 pounds.

RipRider 360

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