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Razor Sole Skate/ Caster Board

Updated on November 17, 2010

Sole Skate Video from NinjaWannabe

Razor Sole Skate Review

This is a three wheeled skate board that is a lot easier to use than a skateboard and also a lot easier to carry around.  The Razor Sole Skate is a smooth ride for beginner to advance, it's not a hard thing to master it gets easier with time.  If your looking for for a ride to school or work without trying to cart a normal skateboard around.  Their aren't many tricks you can do on the Sole Skate from Razor but it can be easily stored in a backpack or locker with ease. 

Razor Sole Skate For Sale

Caster Board Reviewed

The Sole Skate is easy to master it took me two days which it usually only takes one but it all depends on the time you have to pick up something new. It took me a couple of hours to get use to it all together but it is a blast. Whats nice about this is no matter how many reviews you read their are literally no cons about it only pros which shocked me for a skateboard type product. I have read about 45 reviews and not one has a con about it other than you can't do many tricks on it.

Their are even bundles that come with the helmet. This is a added benefit for the safety of the kid you buy it for. So far it comes in red, blue, white and i'm hoping a green one comes out since so many people are requesting it.


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