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Real Baking Sets for Kids

Updated on September 3, 2014

Baking Kits for Kids for Your Little Chef

Many toddlers love playing with pretend cooking and baking kits, but once your child is about 5 years old, he or she may start to show interest in making real treats. That's when good quality baking sets for kids make it easy for them to enjoy the baking process without feeling frustrated by the big tools that adults use.

I've let my daughter help me while making cupcakes and cookies, but my baking tools are a bit too big for her tiny hands to master the techniques.

That's when I decided to get her some mini baking sets that are easy and safe for her to use but also real and can actually do their jobs when trying out easy recipes. The baking pans can be placed in a real oven and everything comes out just right!

The Curious Chef 27-Piece Foundation Set from Amazon
The Curious Chef 27-Piece Foundation Set from Amazon

Her baking kit has helped her turn out quite a few impressive treats like cookies, cakes and even mini pizzas, and I know it has helped increase her interest in other types of cooking too. It's an excellent way for her to keep occupied as well.

What to Look for When Choosing a Kid's Baking Set

There are subtle differences in various kid's baking kits that you should watch out for. Unless you're buying the set for pretend play, the label on the box should mention that the pans are oven safe. Many sets come with stainless steel pieces that are only meant for pretend playing and are good for use with play dough.

A few cookie and cupcake baking sets come with baking mixes and pretty icing mixes. These can be very sweet and not the healthiest for your kids. The sets may be just fine to use, but you may want to use your own tested but simple recipes.

Some sets come with simple recipes too and these are usually better than using pre-made mixes.

Complete Kid's Baking Set for Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

Save the hassle in the long run and buy a complete baking set for kids. These come with all the necessary tools and pans to make lots of different baked goodies. These will be priced around $20 but with just one of these sets, your aspiring chef will be set for a few years of baking fun! The tools are very versatile and make a good stepping stone to adult baking experiments.

Curious Chef 27-Piece Foundation Set

Curious Chef knows what goes into making a safe but fun cooking or baking set for kids. Every tool falls within safety requirements and is completely BPA-free. They are also dishwasher safe, so you child and his friends can make a mess without you having to wash up afterwards!

This set is not a toy but a mini version of an adult's set of tools. Any child 5 years or older will love it! Once your kid dons his apron and chef's hat, he can start using tools like mixing bowl, spatula, whisk, pastry brush, spoon, cookie cutter, rolling pin, measuring spoons and cups and cookie cutters. He can use adult sized pans to bake his goodies and use the included oven mitts while handling the hot pans.

All the tools are sized for small hands. The grips on the hand tools are comfortable and non-slip, while the bottom of the mixing bowl has small rubberized feet to prevent slipping. The measurements on the spoons and cups are color coded and easy to read.

Child's 10-piece Silicone Bakeware Set

Silicone bakeware is so convenient for baking because the pieces don't burn you straight out of the oven and the finished baked items are easy to remove from the molds and cleanup is easy. Hence this colorful silicone bakeware set is perfect for kids because it is complete with real tools but sized perfectly for little hands. The silicone is well made and safe to use in a regular oven.

This clear packaged box comes with a flower cake pan, a silicone bundt pan, a mini-muffin pan, a mini loaf pan, 4 heart-shaped cupcake liners, a spatula and a basting brush.

Fox Run Junior Bake Set

If you're looking for an inexpensive set that includes molds, pans and sheets, this 12 piece bake set is a good choice.

You'll find a mini whisk, rolling pin and spatula, a pastry brush and a 10 inch spoon to go with a mini cookie sheet, 2 cookie cutters, 2 cupcake molds and 2 tart molds.

The sheet and molds are oven safe and are meant for real baking use. Your child is not limited to cookies and cakes, as the tart and cupcake molds allow her to experiment with tarts, quiches and mini pies as well. The wooden rolling pin is perfect for making small shells to fit in the molds.

R & M 12-Piece Kids Home Baking Set

This 12 piece set is simple but complete with a baking tray, a 6 place mini muffin pan, 3 cookie cutters, a pastry icing bag with 3 tips and adapter, a rolling pin, an oven mitt and a potholder. There's no way a child will get bored with so many options!

The pans are good for a regular oven and are best cleaned by hand.

Cupcake Baking Kit

What child doesn't love cupcakes? Not only are they a kid's favorite on any occasion, but they're also really easy to make. Even decorating them isn't difficult if the child has the right tool.

Cutie Cupcake Baker

A simple but cute cupcake baking kit can make an ideal gift for little bakers. This set comes with a mini non-stick 6-cup pan, 200 paper cupcake liners, an icing decorator than can be fitted with any of the 6 included tips, and six recipe cards from Bella Bistro.

The set is dishwasher safe and the non-stick pan is oven safe. The icing tool is a good size and easy to use.

Curious Chef 16-Piece Cupcake and Decorating Kit

Looking for real cupcake baking tools but in kid-friendly sizes? This 16 pieces cupcake baking and decorating set is just right.

The set includes a 6 cup muffin pan, a frosting spreader, silicone spoon, an icing decorator with 6 decorating tips, and 6 colorful silicone cupcake liners. Also included is a shopping list and cupcake themed stickers.

All the tools are BPA free and dishwasher safe. They're designed to be easy for kids to use

Cookie Kits for Kids

Making cookies is a lot of fun for children because they can try out different shapes for different holidays and the flat surface is easy to decorate with sprinkles or icing. You can get a set that has lots of fun cookie cutter shapes, some of which are perfect for Christmas.

Entennmans 10 Piece Kid's Bake Set

If you're looking for a cookie baking set that's simple but effective for small hands, this 10 piece set should do the trick.

With 8 different shapes of cookie cutters in metal, a mini rolling pin to roll out the dough, and a 7" by 9.5 inch non-stick baking tray that can withstand oven temperatures up to 500 degrees, this set is a lot like an adult's size.

Pizza Kits for Kids

When your family has had their fill of sweet treats, but your chef still wants to keep experimenting, why not let her make some savory mini pizzas? They're much easier to make than you think, and you can help her make all kinds of delicious toppings as well.

5 Piece Pizza Kit

I wish my own pizza making tools were this cute!

This Curious Chef 5 piece Pizza Kit has every pizza making tool your kid will need to make real mini pizzas! Included is a pizza cutter, pizza server, silicone spatula, a nylon knife that actually cuts but is safe to use, a colorful cutting board and stickers and a shopping list.

A recipe is included on the box, but you can show your child how to make lots of your own easy toppings.

Reasons to Gift a Baking Set for Kids

  1. Getting them interested in baking and cooking early teaches them independence and patience.
  2. The measuring tools help them learn simple arithmetic and measurements of weight and volume.
  3. It will get them interested in wholesome and nutritional homemade food instead of pre-packaged food.
  4. Baking keeps them occupied for long periods.

Take a Look at Curious Chef's Real Baking Kid's Tools

Tasty Baked Treats

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      What an awesome cooking set for kids, that will definitely make them enjoy (and learn from early on) cooking.

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      I don't have kids but this caught my attention. I watched the video. I learned a lot and I can see how the kits can help kids and parents can use the tools too. Liked it.