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Real Construction Deluxe Tool Workshop Reviewed by AlmaZoo

Updated on September 2, 2012

Real Construction Deluxe Tool Workshop Reviewed

The Real Construction Deluxe Tool Workshop is a really cool toy for Christmas this year. I bought this for by 7 year old son and he loves it. The only thing I did not like was the lack of instructions but it pretty much explains it's self. The pictures explain quite a bit which helps.

Let your imagination go crazy with the Includes Saw, Hammer, Screw Driver, Hole Borer, Small Detail Saw, Nails, Screws, and Multiple Pieces of Kid Wood. Over 120 Pieces plus a booklet full of projects that your kids can work on. Like I said alot of people are having more fun with just letting their kids do their own thing and build outside the booklet.

The booklet doesn't tell you the measurements. Thats the only down fall. The concept of this toy is awesome because it lets your child unlock another creative part of themselves but still remain safe.

Real Construction Deluxe Tool Workshop

Real Construction From Jakk Pacific

Jakk Pacific makes this awesome toy the Real Construction Deluxe Tool Workshop. The wood is made from Styrofoam and holds up pretty well until you cut it with the tools which is pretty cool looking. The tools are safe to run across hands or anything but cuts the wood just like in real life construction.

Even girls are using this because it makes a great doll house. I have seen many people use this for their daughters and they build really cool things like doll houses, doll house chairs, tables or even chairs for their baby dolls. No one would have thought of this.

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Extra Parts for Real Construction

Real construction kid wood

My favorite thing about the Real Construction Deluxe Tool Workshop is that you can buy replacement parts like more wood, screws, nails and even tools.

  1. Over 100 pieces of Screws, Nails, and Hinges work with Kid Wood.
  2. 13 pieces in 1 pack of Real Construction Wood.
  3. Tool Belt and Accessories included, Comes with Mini Flash Light, Retractable Measuring Tape, T Square & Level
  4. Comes with Screw Driver Bit, Drill Bit, and 2 hole borer bits.


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