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How to make an Angry Birds Game

Updated on January 22, 2019

Since December 2009 Angry Birds has been a huge hit among all ages. It’s addictive, comical and cost a lot less then many other games. There’s been over 500 million downloads of this game across all platforms and that number includes both regular and special editions.

So what is Angry Birds? It’s a game where birds try to retrieve eggs that have been taken by a group of hungry green pigs. On each level you are to eliminate all the pigs. The pigs are sheltered by different materials such as wood, ice and stone. To get to the pigs you use a sling shot and launch the birds, trying to hit either the pig directly or damage the structure they are in/on to make it fall and crush the pigs.

There are different types of birds too. The red bird, basic bird, is just that, a basic. He doesn’t do anything special, just hits stuff and takes out pigs. The tiny blue bird is my favorite. He splits into three different smaller birds and does really well against the ice. The black bird explodes (my sons favorite) and the white bird drops an egg that explodes on impact. There’s also a boomerang bird and one that is like a balloon, filling up with air and then letting it all out after a few seconds. I could be forgetting a few but these are the ones that are played the most in my house.

Each level is different and the difficulty rises with each level. You can receive three stars on each level and if you don’t get all three stars, it's ok, you can always go back and try to get all three later on. There's many different kinds of "special editions" of Angry Birds that include: Angry Birds Seasons (my family really loves this one), Angry Birds Rio and the newest addition Angry Birds Space (my son is now hooked on this one too).

Our Angry Birds At Home Game

Along with the games there's many different toys, clothes, accessories, etc out there that you can buy. After Christmas this year we were walking around a walmart and found these really cute stuffed animal Angry Birds. We couldn't resist and had to buy all that they had. We got all the different kinds they had of the birds and the pigs and then doubled up on a bunch of them as well. On clearance they only cost $1 EACH so it was a cheep buy that will last hours and hours worth of fun at home.

Once we got them home we saved up a bunch of different things, empty boxes, plastic bottles, containers, etc. and used them as the materials for the pigs to sit on/hide in. In the play room we have a shelf we set them all up on and then lined up the stuffed birds and let my son have a go at it. At first he was a little hesitant at throwing things in the house (as he was raised not to) but once he got the hang of it and had Daddy's help he really had a great time. My favorite part is it is always changing. The set up is never the same. You can use as many or as few pigs as you want and my son would even throw pigs at the birds instead. A great way for his imagination to run wild.

Below are a bunch of the pictures I took of him playing his new Angry Bird game.

My son with all his birds lined up and ready to throw.
My son with all his birds lined up and ready to throw. | Source
Used lots of emply clean plastic bottles
Used lots of emply clean plastic bottles | Source
Use a box laid down and put pigs inside to make it more of a challange.
Use a box laid down and put pigs inside to make it more of a challange. | Source
You can use anything for the set up of the game.
You can use anything for the set up of the game. | Source
The "red bird" knocked down a box and some pigs.
The "red bird" knocked down a box and some pigs. | Source
My son using the "bomb" bird.
My son using the "bomb" bird. | Source
The final of stage one.
The final of stage one. | Source



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