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Reasons to Play Pokémon Go and Tips and Tricks

Updated on August 2, 2016

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We all know what Pokémon Go is or most people know. This game is nicely thought out but since it came out I didn't care much for it. I had never been a gaming person and am still not, but this game has a few things that attracted me to it. As you know, this game requires the internet and a GPS location tracker to play. There are pros and cons to the game, for me the pros far outweighs the cons. I never thought I would wander the streets trying to catch Pokémons, because I had always thought of it as a kid game. This game target adults more so than kids because it requires you to use either a phone or tablet. I would like to think younger kids shouldn't really be wandering the streets at night alone as I had heard horror stories about psychos utilizing Pokémon stops to lure them. The game itself is fun and it brings people together.

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Reasons to Play

This game is definitely good for exercise, nothing like a brisk walk before and after dinner. After downloading this game I had been able to rip my nephew from being a couch potatoe and take long walks with me. He is eight years old and we know most kids these days prefer to stay in and play games and eat junk food. Being able to get him out is a good thing and having something of common to talk to him about that is exciting to him is a bonus.

After playing this game, I was able to see how much more people are socializing than before. My nephew and other kids running around in the park discussing the game and other topics related to school and hobbies were a surprise. Though this is a game and not educational, parents may think negatively about it. Parents should join in too, so they can use this as an opportunity to be a part of their kids everyday life without the hassle of prying. In some ways any game can be educational, learning the game takes understanding and you also learn to be patient.

The game involves strategies and learning as you go, gaining levels can be tedious but if done right it can be quick and easy. In order for it to be quick you'll have to learn. I see this game as something which can teach you to be a better learner. Again, how you learn to play this game is entirely up to you. There is no wrong or right way to play it.

I am not someone to usually go out and explore, I never walked around my neighborhood before till now. I discovered there's a pool in this community and a tennis court, though it's funny to think about it now. It's nice to be able to go out and do something I normally wouldn't, I guess I am someone who needs to have a reason before exploring.

My last reason is if you are single, you might actually hand a date, they even have a Pokémon dating thing now.

Now into the tips and tricks that my nephew had showed me. He's a bit better than me at games, and he also does his little research as well and I figure I'll share it since it really works.

Tips and Tricks

When we hear Pokemon I'm sure most will think of Pikachu and he is a pain to get from what I have seen from others who play. Believe it or not, there is an easier way to get the electrifying yellow rodent into your collection.

The simplest way to get it is by not choosing to capture any initial Pokemon at the start. So, this is how to get Pikachu, when you start the game for the very first time it'll ask you to capture one of the three Pokemon of your choice. Don't select to capture any of them, but instead walk away and the GPS will follow and the three initial Pokemon will again pop up. Now continue walking till he appears, it might be a few minutes of walking, took me about three blocks before he showed up. Beats having to hope he'll show up somewhere so you can get it, I heard he's pretty rare so this is one of the tricks, you might've already know but obviously I didn't.

Another trick is to evolve Eevee to the Pokemon you want which is fire, water, or electric. Based on the cartoon you'll where Ash end up meeting the three different evolutions of Eevee, the four brothers where they try to help the youngest brother to decide what to evolve his Eevee to become. The names they used in the cartoon will be used in this game as well. It'll be Pyro for Flareon (fire), Rainer for Vaporeon (water), and Sparky for Jolteon (electric). By naming the Eevee before evolving it will give you the Pokemon you want.

Eevee Evolution

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Pros and cons

Pokémon Go has more pros than cons and most of the cons are human error. As it was discussed in the reasons to play, Pokémon is good for socializing, where people gather around to mingle and talk about the game and other stuff. Good for exercise as you're required to do a bit of walking and exploring, keeping people active whether young or old is always a good thing.

The cons are how we play the game, remember the game tells us to stay alert, and this is mentioned for a reason. Some people will do just about anything to catch a Pokémon, even end up getting hurt. A girl crossed a four lane street without watching the traffic and was hit by a car. Two men try to get close to a cliff and ended up falling over. Another playing while driving and hit a police car. These are just a few and it's due to people being careless.

Another con is people using Pokémon stop to rob people at night. If you play just use your judgement on the situation and if it seems like trouble, chances are it is. Don't let a game mess up your day for doing something stupid.


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