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9 Reasons to Return to W.o.W. This Summer!

Updated on April 7, 2018

The new Expansion in World of Warcraft gives a good amount of new content for seasoned players,a lot of the old-time players who started back in Cataclysm have become disillusioned with the new direction World of Warcraft is Moving so Heres a few reasons why it might be worth going back for the New expansion

1 Certain Races will be able to Evolve

In the new expansion instead of bringing us, a new race Blizzard have taken a new direction and allowed us to evolve certain races to gain new abilities

Taureans- High Mountain Taureans

Draenei -LIghtforged Draenai

Night Elves-Void elves


2 A new area to explore

Kul Tiras is the new area for the Alliance home of Jania Proudmore with witches sea priests and pirates, While the horde will get to travel to Zandalar with constructs, new Dinosaurs and troll worshippers

3 The Uncharted Islands

Explore The uncharted islands in groups of 3 players with challenges that constantly Evolve

4 A new 20 man Pvp Warfront

The new Warfront for pvp will see you building up your forces the Attacking the Objective as a 2 part plan Ultimately bringing down the Enemies Commander Back to the good old days of PvP

5 TitanticMight and Azerite

Titanic Might is going to be the new must-have Given to you by Magni Bronzebeard you will be able to imbue it with Azerite to unlock new powers and traits

6 New Level Cap

Level your toons up to 120

7 New Dungeons and raids

The golden City of Atal Dazzar and The outlaw town of freehold will be just a few of the new dungeons available for your new high powered toon to get stuck into

8 Free Character Boost

Get a free boost up to level 110

9 Preorder the Deluxe edition for special items

New Mounts and a pet are available as well as early access to the 4 new evolved races if you buy the deluxe edition


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    • KristianHowe profile image

      Kristian Howe 6 weeks ago from UK

      Type: Jania Proudmore should be Jaina Proudmoore :)