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Rebel Moon Rising: The Ultimate Guide

Updated on February 9, 2012

Rebel Moon Rising is a game that makes your brain work so hard you feel it will blow your head. The goal is to pass all levels by finding the red access points and clicking them to turn to green and open a door or raise stairs. You will also have to fight monsters, kill them and pick up oxygen and ammunition.

The weapons are many, the fist pistol will not take you far but you can get an automatic combat laser weapon that fires twice as fast, with a faster laser traveling speed and doing more damage per shot but using 2 ammo per shot. The auto firing combat laser will be the most used weapon. The next better weapon is the particle accelerator. Actually this weapon is so good that no enemy will be able to fire while you are firing making you almost invincible. The disadvantage is you will run out of ammo soon and the shot traveling speed is very slow, if the enemy is moving you will have trouble hitting it.

The next weapon is the railgun, so fast that no enemy will be able to fire while you are firing. It does the least damage per shot, so you will need to use a lot of ammo per monster.The grenade launcher is the most powerful taking out almost all enemies with just one shot, but the grenade travels too slow... The mark VI is very powerful and fast but 5 ammo per shot will allow only a few shots before running out of ammo and you will be sharing the ammo with the particle accelerator.

The 3x ACR is the auto firing combat later improved, much more powerful and a little slower but in the end better.

Finally the Mechanical Arm is the most powerful weapon in damage per second taking out any enemy as fast as possible without using too much ammo.

It is the best weapon in my opinion.

Now the levels.

In the level 1 you can get an auto firing combat laser. When you star the game you will see a shield on the top of a plate, press the Open command and it will activate an elevator where you can get that weapon. Here you need to take out all Turrets to win the level.

The level 2 is another easy one. There is one tricky key, when you teleport in the middle of the level you need to see the back of the wall for a very dark red spot. Activate the last teleport with it. There are no special enemies here.

The level 3 is a big one and you will take a lot of time to beat it. New more powerful enemies, the rail gun car is the worst but as long as you stay away from it, the auto firing combat laser will take care of the business. You will need to search the entire level for the keys but this job is so painful that you will want to quit before the level ends. Don't. Instead try to turn all the times to the Left and you will ultimate find everything you need to find.

The level 4 is an easy one, you just need to defend the generators. I never call for help, but if you need it just go near the generator and activate the key to call allies.

Level 5 is a but longer but finding all the keys is easy.

Level 6 is a tough one. Here you need to press ALT to run and jump. Just follow your way to the front and everything will be alright. In the oxygen room remember to press Space to open the teleporters. In the part where you can see a grenade drone but you cannot jump high to get it, you need to press Space a little back from the wall and an elevator will take you up. You can see the elevator by looking to the bit lower part of the floor. Telling you by words is hard, but look at the floor and see where the level is down, it is an elevator. There are only two in the level and one is dispensable.

All other levels will come in the future, when I find time to write.


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