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Clash of Clans for Mobile - RedRyu's Review Corner #1

Updated on August 22, 2015

Is it good for a free to play mobile or better off avoided?

Something of a hobby of mine is looking into free to play mobile games and figuring out if it is worth the trouble, or it is bogged down by some bad design choices? Is it only fun if you throw money into it like some free to play games are? These are things you look into when trying to look and figure out what kinds of games you are looking into.

Today we look at clash of clans to see how it holds up as a mobile game.

Clash of Clans is a free to play mobile game where you spend time building a clan, or joining one, to try and face off against other clans. What you do is use builders to make a sort of town where you defend your main base while you send out units you make to go and attack other clans while you also work on defending your own.

Seems simple but as a free to play game there is a catch, there are timers for ever action you do. There are timers for everything, building a building, getting resources, upgrading buildings and pretty much everything you do in this game.

Yet it still can be surprising fun at times.

Timers for Timers?
Timers for Timers? | Source

Why would I say this is fun?

This is the kind of game that I would say is very interesting because while it is built on timers, it is one of those games you can just let sit and then go on your own business as the game goes. I will say there are times the timers can get incredibly obnoxious, 3 day timers just to upgrade. But it isn't meant to be one of those games like Mario where you need all of your attention there, you can let it sit and you can let it play on it's own as you work on just going about your day.

The timers can be shortened with gems you can collect via achievements or with removing rocks or other items from your area. These gems are also the only way to get some items, builders which you use to build every building in this game you can only get with gems.

There is one more method to get them, purchasing them in the store with real money. This is where the free to play model kicks in. But you really don't need to buy it if you do not want to, if anything I would say it's mostly just to make the timers and building process faster. You can have this game run and you playing with other people in clan wars just fine, it's not forced on you to make you succeed.

I will not deny it will help you a lot with making the process faster for everything you do in this game, and I will admit I have used gems to make sure I could speed up the process of building in my own clan.


How is the balance of attacking vs Defending?

This is a question asked when trying to play this game, what is better to do. Attack or defense in terms of priorities? Well you do need to balance both, but I would say from playing the game personally. I got this feeling that defending is a lot easier than attacking. Not only is this the easier way to rack up wins but it is harder to bust through cannons and walls with units when trap are all around and multiple ways you can stop them from attacking.

On top of this, you can't control where units go. They have set mindsets of what they like to do. Giants like to go after cannons and archer towers, Goblins like to go after Gold and Elixir ignoring everything else. Barbarians and Archers pretty much attack whatever is the closest thing they can attack. This can be somewhat frustrating but if you know about this and use it strategically you can work your way around this.

Still it is just a lot easier to set up a defense rather than to go off and attack other people. This is the impression I got, but attacking is still possible but one way is just easier. Still it is pretty close to each other and it's not that far off, but I would say one is definitely easier than the other.


Overall I do rate this game pretty highly, I enjoyed it and it offered what I would expect from a free to play game. It was very fun and it was just what I needed for a game you have while in a taxi, on a bus or just waiting around.

It's a great game to use for some once and a while entertainment. Check it out I give it a 4/5 for a phone game.

My Rating for Clash of Clans

4 stars for Clash of Clans for Mobile

Check it out!

Do you like Clash of Clans?

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