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Remember the classics: Video Games

Updated on June 8, 2011

So last night, me and some friends met up for a party and we had a great time and everything and some of us stayed for the night. Well in the morning everybody was all hungover and we ordered some McDonalds breakfast and we were all down until one of my friends finds an old SNES. It was incredible, all of us stood up while smiling and started talking about the good old video games. We set it up and stated shooting up some Super Mario World, and it was so amazing, the game was great and we had an amazing time and we played for like 6 hours straight.

Then I stated thinking of how through time I had grown with video games, I mean they have been a big part of my entertainment through life and all the memories I have from them are just amazing. After 10 years I still have the love I had for Super Mario World, it has AMAZING!

I remember I stated up with the Super Nintendo in the late 90's, it was all about Super Mario, Mortal Combat, The legend of Zelda, Contra, etc. Those were some great times, it seemed amazing at the time (and it still is) everything about it was incredible, the graphics, the game play, it was all a whole other world. I had some great times saving princesses and killing aliens in those times.

After that I remember the game boy and the game boy color, it was like "SHIT, everything goes portable! AMAZING I can play even when I shit now!" During those times Mario still had a big place and Metroid and everything, but I have to give it to Pokemon for the portable era, I mean it was so amazing, Pokemon took over the world everybody knew and loved Pokemon and still today, what started as Pokemon Blue, has gone to Pokemon Diamond and everything, it is CRAZY! It is not the same thing though I had some great times with collecting 150 Pokemon, but I don't know about 500 motherfuckers.

After that it went really wild, Nintendo 64. It was a whole other dimension (literally!). It was amazing, the Mario World went from amazing to fucking out of this world. Mario Kart was incredible, Super Smash Bros... wow... now that was amazing, you couldn't get enough of Super Smash Bros. And well then it came, my all time most amazing game, The Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of Time. That game made me speechless for so long, I cannot describe how much I adored that game (and still do!) it was just so damn amazing, it still makes me happy!

After that we matured a bit, we were over the "little kids games" we wanted more! And so we discovered, the MATURE rating. Blood! Violence! Sexual References! AMAZING. And with it came, the Play Station. Metal Gear Solid, you had it everything on that game: guns, espionage, girls, suspense, story, etc. Metal Gear Solid made me wet my pants as a young boy and it STILL does with it's last take in the PS3. 

Metal Gear Solid opened the doors for action packed gaming, after that it came the PS2 and with it, God of War (my all time favorite series), Resident Evil 4 (what better that ZOMBIES YEAH!), Metal Gear Solid 2 (best fucking game ever!) and 3 (AMAZING!), and many more that have entertained us all for the last decade, and here we are today, playing the PS3 with some amazing action packed games, ONLINE fun (greatest evolution of gaming), and well that it my whole story and how it has in made my life a lot more fun.

So now, tell me YOUR story, since when are you gaming?, how have you liked it? tell me I WANT TO KNOW,

Hey and if you do, look through your closet or garage and find that old Super Nintendo or Game Boy and play a bit I will assure you, you will have an amazing time, just like you did in the past, I know I did!

Have a great gaming day!



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