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Remote Control Ant Rc From The Indiana Jones Movie

Updated on March 19, 2012
Indiana jones giant rc ant
Indiana jones giant rc ant

Remote control Ant rc toy that is based on the Indiana Jones ant scene in the Indiana Jones crystal skull movie.

The remote control Ant rc from the movie Indiana Jones: Crystal skull is an ant remote control toy that is more or less 100 times bigger than your regular ant, A mouth/jaw that moves automatically, A crystal skull shaped remote controller and a toy that moves like a real ant.

The ant remote control toy is created perfectly in terms of detail. They have colored the giant rc and brown with black stripes on the rear part of the body. This in turn makes the remote control ant toy look scarier. The plastic body shell is perfectly shaped and true to the anatomy of a real ant which adds realism to the toy.

In terms of being a remote control toy, The remote control ant rc toy will give you a crystal skull remote control that controls the ant’s forward and turn/spin function. The turn function makes the toy spin counter-clockwise that is reminiscent of old rc toys. The toy still uses small wheels but unlike other remote control toys like this one, it can be used on both rough surfaces and surfaces but it is recommended to be used on smooth surfaces because of the size of the wheels. The speed of the ant remote control toy is not as fast as rc toy cars but not that slow.

Other features of the Indiana Jones ants remote control toy is that it moves its head and jaw while moving. The jaw opens and closes while the head is slightly going up and down. The ant toy also shakes a little bit which makes it more realistic.

If you are looking for a realistic remote control toy and you consider giant ants as a possibility then this remote control ant rc is the right toy for you. The rc ant remote control toy can be both entertaining and scary at the same time. A toy that appeals to Indiana Jones fans, animal toy fans and remote control toys alike is only with the remote control ant rc.


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