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Remote Control Battle Tanks

Updated on October 8, 2014

Remote Controlled Tanks, a bit more Firepower than a Car

If you are thinking of buying a remote control tank there are several considerations to make. Remote control battle tanks come in a variety of sizes, from those than can fit into the size of your hand to ones that measure two foot long. Only a small portion of tanks have a turret that can rotate giving the vehicle a 360 degree turn. Another consideration for those that are looking for a realistic tank is whether or not there are any sound effects. Some tanks come with a machine gun and engine sounds. For extra realism you can select a tank that can fire plastic ammunition or one that includes smoke emitters by the exhaust or turret.

Even with all the realism in the world, the tank might not be the right one for you. For example spare parts should be a consideration. By getting a tank which has readily available spare parts and accessories you are almost guaranteed that if something does go wrong with your vehicle, it can be mended at far less cost than replacing it. The tanks which suit this requirement best are entry level tanks. These are particularly good if you are considering handing the controls over to the younger generation at any point and yet will still enable you to do battle against other remote control tank enthusiasts.

However if you are looking for something that is a few steps up from this you might want to try a tank that has upgraded metal tracks and wheels not to mention an upgraded metal gear box. Because of these additions, the tanks tend to be more durable and have far greater power, but are harder to have repaired should something unfortunate happen.

Another consideration you might want to consider is whether the tank has selectable frequencies. This way you can almost ensure that you can go head to head with up to six other RC enthusiasts.

Here are six Remote Control battle tanks that are currently available on Amazon.

RC Battle Tank Leopard Tank

Based on the classic Cold War era tank that was used by many countries across the world, but notably Germany where it originated this is a good starter tank. This tank is 16 inches long with a 3 frequency 9 band and has all driving wheels suspension with seven ways movement. One of its greatest features is that its main cannon can change evaluation as it fires 6 mm BBs up to 25 metres by utilising a motor air gun – giving it some really good realism.

iPlay RC Battling Tanks

This is a set of two remote control Battle Tanks for those who want to be social while enjoying their RC hobby. These tanks have a lot of sound effects giving battling a really fun and interesting experience and each tank comes with a 4 lives indicator so determining the winner in a battle is fairly simple. The turret can turn 320 degree and the cannon can elevate 30 degrees. However movement is not as good as with other tanks but this has not stopped a wave of brilliant five star reviews from customers.

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

This is another set of two pre-painted remote control battle tanks that are designed for battling between enthusiasts. With the infra-red beams that can hit their target up to 25 metres away, battle can be occur over a large arena. This set doesn’t have a turret that can turn the same as the iPlay RC Battling Tanks but the 34 five star reviews and 20 four star reviews certainly make it stand out as a top quality product.

iSuper iTank-156

This RC tank is unique in that it can be controlled by your iPhone or iPad. The turret on this model is more realistic than on previous examples with it being able to turn the full 360 degrees and the realistic caterpillar tracks allow the tank to cross difficult terrain. This is a fairly small tank that weighs only 4 ounces but could be a lot of fun.

German Leopard II A5 Main Battle Tank RC

This tank is another that has a powerful motor airsoft gun giving battles a sense of reality as your ‘ordinance’ flies through the air aiming for its target. This tank has seven way movement and a multi channel remote that is fully programmable.

Abrams RC Battle Tank

This final RC tank, a reproduction of the classic American armor, is another one that can fire airsoft pellets at your enemies. This one can fire up to 40 pellets continuously onto a target up to 25 metres away. The caterpillar tracks allow the RC tank is able to move over most terrains and with a three frequency radio remote control you can be sure that you control your tank.

iSuper iTank


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