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Remote Control Cockroach Remote Control Animal Toy Review

Updated on April 9, 2012

Remote control cockroach toy review which is another remote control animal toy.

natural history museum remote control cockroach
natural history museum remote control cockroach

Remote control insects like this remote control roach toy is a toy that just fits one purpose than normal remote control toys that you can play often. These kinds of toys are just used for tricks, for reenacments or as a publicity stunt but having a realistic cockroach toy than the traditional plastic cockroach toy is the remote control cockroach toy.

The remote control cockroaches that I you can buy in amazon and in other toy stores is the natural history museum cockroach and the uncle milton toy cockroach. Both of these remote control cockroaches is based on the american cockroach which is the most known cockroach in the world. The real cockroach and the remote control roach has a black head, thin body that have a slightly translucent brown color. While these two remote controlled cockroach toy have the same appearance, the remote controlled roach from the natural history museum is the best radio controlled cockroach you can buy today.The rc cockroach is larger than the real cockroach but not that big that it does not look realistic at all. The color of the rc roach is quite close to the real thing which makes it a great prank toy. The only thing I didn't like with the appearance of this remote control insect is that the shell or the wings are a little bit opened like it is about to fly.

Controls, Features of the Remote Control Cockroach

The remote control cockroach toy have the forward, backward, left and right buttons. This means that you can control our remote control roach just like your remote control cars. The speed of this rc toy is slower than the real cockroach. The toy also gives off a loud mechanical sound because of the wheel used which makes the cockroach toy harder to use as a prank toy. There is also a real cockroach feature. What the feature does is to make the remote control cockroach toy stop for 30 seconds then run in random directions. Sometimes it runs in a circle which adds the scariness of this prank toy. The remote control toy animal that is best for pranks is the remote control cockroach.


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