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Remote Control Helicopter Kits

Updated on December 13, 2014

Buying a Remote Control Helicopter

The popularity of remote controlled helicopters has increased since the newer kits are easier to fly. There are a number of kits available. These remote control helicopter kits are durable and are more resistant to damage than the older kits. Some of the kits are for outdoor use only, while others are able to fly indoors. These kits can be found on Amazon at reasonable prices. There are two types of remote controlled helicopter kits coaxial and conventional style. The coaxial has two rotors stacked on top of each other while the conventional has only one rotor. The coaxial type is easier to fly but is not as maneuverable. The conventional can do better tricks but is harder to fly. A good company to start out with is the Syma helicopters. These are ready to fly kits already assembled. These mini helicopters are inexpensive.

Syma S107/S107G

The Syma S107 has two main rotors. Since these rotors are stacked the Syma S107 is called a coaxial helicopter. The rotors spin in opposite direction. This provides a gyroscopic effect that helps stabilize the helicopter. This is a great helicopter for a beginner because it is easy to control. It is made from aluminum and crashes well. This helicopter is designed for ages 8 and up. The flight time is approximately 5 - 8 minutes. The helicopter comes with a 3 channel infra red remote controller. The RC helicopter has a USB cable so you can charge it with your PC in around 30 minutes. To promote battery life, wait 10 - 15 mins between flying to begin charging. This lets the battery cool down. The controller takes 6 AA batteries. You can charge the helicopter with the controller. It is an indoor helicopter so do not fly near digital TV's, these can interfere with the controller. Try to avoid flying near a ceiling fan, the turbulence will cause the helicopter to crash.

Syma S109G Apache AH-64

The Syma S109 can fit in the palm of your hand. These small remote control helicopter kits are sized well for indoor use, but can easily be flown outdoors in the right conditions. The kit is made of plastic. It is durable and stays in good condition after a crash. The Syma S109G has an LED light to help illuminate its path in dim light or nighttime. People ages 8 and up will enjoy this helicopter. It flys easily, so it is great for beginners and experts alike. It maneuvers very well. The color of the helicopter is army colors with black rotators. It can fly up to 5 minutes. The Syma S109G is made of a durable light weight plastic. The controller has a 10 meter range. It has a gyro for better stability. The infrared controller ensures a quick response. The copter can fly in six different directions.

Syma S111G Coast Guard Rescue

These remote control helicopter kits is modeled after the Dauphin Rescue copter. This kit uses gyro technology which makes it very stable. The controller is infra red. This kit is made for indoor flying. It has a 3 channel controller and is able to move in 6 directions. This is a coaxial helicopter so it is easy to fly. The pitch of the blades is greater than some of the other kits. This gives good control in tight spaces. The kit has flashing lights below and one light on top. The front light is more like a searchlight. The only two drawbacks to the model is that the landing gear are only suitable for landing on something flat like a tabletop. The second drawback is that the charging port is located on the bottom of the kit.

Syma S102G Black Hawk UH-60

The Syma S102G is a 3.5 channel helicopter. You can yaw the helicopter as well as move it in six directions. This provides more realistic flight. It has a blue and a red flashing LED for effect. This is a great first-time helicopter. Great for beginners it is fun to fly. It is very durable. This palm sized helicopter is great for indoor flying. It has a 30 foot control radius. This model has a gyro which provides better control than other helicopters. After charging for 30 minute, it can fly for 5 - 6 minutes.

Choosing Your Helicopter

These remote control helicopter kits are fun to collect and fly. Beginners will have a great time learning to fly them. The basics will be easy to master. Try to make the model hover by increasing the throttle slowly. Then land the model by decreasing the throttle. After you have mastered hovering with the helicopter then try to turn the helicopter in air. These moves are made with the left stick only. When you are comfortable with the left stick then master the right stick. With the right stick you can move the helicopter in different directions. You can move onto more difficult tricks after you master the basics.

These remote control helicopter kits can be bought at Amazon and have reviews with 4 stars or more. They make a great gift and would be fantastic for the hobbyist to own.


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