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Remote Control Military Helicopter

Updated on October 15, 2014

Choosing a RC Military Helicopter

If you are interested in starting a challenging hobby and love all things RC, then perhaps you should consider purchasing a remote control military helicopter. RC Helicopters are not the easiest of the RC aircraft to control, but the satisfaction is immense if you can learn to control your helicopter. When considering which remote control military helicopter you want to purchase, you’ll need to consider several things. Here is a list of things to consider when choosing your remote control military helicopter.

Power Source

There are two main types of powered helicopters; electric and gas. Electric powered helicopters are quieter, safer, environmentally cleaner and easier to use than their gas powered counterparts. Gas powered helicopters also have a disadvantage in that they cannot be flown indoors, limiting your available space to enjoy your hobby.


With a RC helicopter you have a choice of two, three (and three and half), four or six channels. Two and three channel helicopters are designed for the younger generations and for those who are just starting out in the hobby. Often coming ready to fly and with easy controls, these helicopters can often be flown in and out of the house. Once you have mastered one of these you can move on to some of the higher rated helicopters.

Four channels are best suited for those who want to learn about the RC and want reliable precision control that moves the helicopter realistically. Six channel helicopters are for the advanced hobbyist or those who are willing to have a steep learning curve. They need special control because they can perform inverted three dimensional (3D) flight manoeuvres. Six channel helicopters control their lift by changing the angle of their blades by having three servos instead of two (like in other helicopters) giving them their power of inverted flight.

If you think you are still interested in remote control military helicopters then have a look at this list from Amazon.

Military Gyro Mini Indoor Helicopter

This 3 channel helicopter is not designed to be used by the serious hobbyist. However for a beginner who is looking to try out the hobby by flying a small helicopter might find this the best purchase. Ready to be flown as soon as it comes out of the box, this helicopter is so small it can fit into the palm of your hand. This flying helicopter has three frequencies allowing other hobbyists to join in when you are flying your helicopter around up to a distance of 40 foot away. The battery only takes twenty minutes to charge and will last up to twelve minutes of flight time. Reviews are fairly positive with over half giving this remote control military helicopter a four or five star review.

S109G Apache AH-64

This mini helicopter based on the popular US military helicopter benefits from 3.5 channels and two selectable frequencies. But its control distance is far less than some of the competitors at ten meters. The flight time is also less than some competitors at just six minutes after a longer charging period of up to thirty minutes. However this is a very popular model with 456 five star reviews and 126 four star reviews.

Mini 3 Channel Military Apache

Remarkably similar to the S109G Apache AH-64, this vehicle has a reduced channel, but is similar in nearly every other way. There is a slight visible difference in their paintings, but barely anything noticeable. Their main difference is with the online reviews which are more neutral, but still positive, with this model than the previous example.

Apache Military Coaxial

This vehicle is a 3.5 channel helicopter, which allows it to sit in-between being a serious hobbyists model and a model designed for those who just want to enjoy a little flying time around the living room or back yard. Of course this model will not give you great amounts of flight time with only 8 minutes of air time or there about and that is after the thirty minutes charge. But it does have good manoeuvrability and is slightly larger than some of the other helicopters mentioned on this list. Eleven out of nineteen reviewers online have given this remote control military helicopter a four or five star review.

Syma S102G (Black Hawk UH-60)

This three channel RC helicopter is again based on an iconic US military aircraft. Its miniature size and lightweight design gives it agility and speed that can compete with several other RC helicopters. You can control the helicopter from a distance of up to ten metres away; however flight time is only around six minutes after a thirty minute charge. It has one of the best set of reviews online with over two thirds of the 334 reviews giving this RC helicopter a five star rating.

Mini Chinook RC Helicopter

If you want a different look to that of previous examples, this model RC helicopter based on the Chinook maybe something that you are looking for. Again it is three channel but has a lower recharge wait of just twenty minutes than some of the others for a comparable amount of flight time. This beautiful machine has received praise online and out of two hundred and fifty reviews 174 have given this product a four or five star review.

Syma 102G Black Hawk


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