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Remote Control Mini Helicopter

Updated on September 30, 2014

Are you Looking to Buy a Remote Control Mini Helicopter?

Whether you're an RC enthusiast, or a doting relative looking for the perfect gift for a young loved one, finding the perfect remote control mini helicopter could be a daunting task. Don’t feel alone, though, since the best RC helicopters have already been reviewed for you! There are many different features that can be included in remote control mini helicopters, and they all make for a unique user experience. The best features for each remote control mini helicopter have been highlighted for you in the review. Keep in mind what your intended use for the product will be, as this may change which product is best for you. The perfect remote control mini helicopter for a young child as her first electronic toy will probably give a lacklustre performance for an adult RC hobbyist.

Blade Nano CP X BNF

Blade is renowned for their craftsmanship of RC items. This product is no different, with quality carbon fiber shaft construction and a 2.1 gram linear long-throw cyclic servo, you can expect high performance from this RC helicopter! It also has 85mm symmetric main rotor blades and and touts the AS3X Flybarless system. Weighing in at 29 grams, you won’t be able to find another flybarless remote control mini helicopter lighter than it. The one drawback is that it comes without a transmitter. You’ll need to find a DSM2 or DSMX transmitter before you can begin flying. This product also isn’t cheap. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for!” And the Blade Nano is no different, as you’ll be flying an extreme RC machine!

Helizone RC Firebird

The next product for review is produced by Helizone. This moderately priced remote control mini helicopter has a metal construction and internal gyro, similar to other products. Where it gains a clear advantage is the front LED headlights. These will give you a great opportunity to fly your helicopter at night, or in a darkened room, while keeping track of it. The major noted disadvantage is the stability during flight. You'll find that this model does not handle as well as the Syma model.

Syma S107G

This product from Syma can be considered an introductory model. Just because it’s bargain priced and suitable for beginners doesn’t mean it’s not a quality product, though! It contains an internal gyro which improves stability, whether hovering or actually flying. The construction is metal, which means when you’re flying through tight passageways you won’t be worried about wrecking it in a crash, leaving your entire attention to focus on actually flying! The Syma S107G charges by USB, and can charge directly from the controller unit, which takes 6 AA batteries. Once you open the box, and add the batteries, you’re ready to fly! The manufacturer recommends you only fly the remote control mini helicopter indoors, which comes as the one drawback.

WL Products V911

The WL Products V911 is a great mid-range remote control mini helicopter. The remote is sensitive enough to make tight turns, but the construction is sturdy enough to withstand light winds outdoors. With a single propeller, this product is extremely lightweight, but still durable. The built in gyro means you’ll be concentrating on flying it, instead of worrying about crashing. The controller gives you the ability to direct it up, down, left, right, and forward and backwards. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, all-around RC helicopter, look no further than the WL Products V911.

Heli-Max Quadcopter 1SQ

The final product for review is manufactured by Heli-Max. Rather than limiting the fun to a single main blade, they’ve quadrupled the excitement and made this amazing quad-copter! The included transmitter has two settings for sensitivity. Depending on the skill level of the user and the venue where you’re flying it, you can adjust the sensitivity to either be more stable and harder to turn, or more twitchy and easier to navigate tight corners. You can decide which, and adjust it every time you turn the copter on! The drawback to this remote control mini helicopter is the battery life. It has been reported that the battery does not last for very long, sometimes as short as five or ten minutes. Although it is quite easy to charge, as the battery uses a USB connection. You can even charge this from a laptop if you’re away from home!! This is also a slightly expensive remote control mini helicopter, but be prepared for a responsive and stable flight when you take it out of the box.

Make Your Choice

Now that you've got the facts in front of you, you can make an informed decision about the best remote control mini helicopter model to buy. As mentioned before, keep in mind who will be using this product. A young child will benefit from a product that has sturdy construction and controls that are easy to use. As the intended user grows older, these major features will change towards a product that is constructed of lightweight materials and has slightly more sensitive controls for a responsive flight. Of course, regardless of your age if you've never flown a remote control helicopter before, chances are you will have just as much fun with the easier to use product as you would with the more expensive higher performance product.

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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      Good hub on remote control mini helicopters. This will be very useful for those that are looking to buy one and are wondering which kind they should get.