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Remote Control Plane Kits

Updated on October 21, 2014

Flying Remote Control Planes

Taking to the sky and controlling your own airplane can be a dream come true for a lot of people. Some take piloting lessons while other use remote control plane kits to experience the same thrill and excitement that those taking flying lessons do.

In recent years, purchasing remote control plane kits and flying the vehicle has become a growing hobby. Therefore if you would like to take up this hobby you may find yourself in good company. But buying your first plane could be a nerving time. As beginner you are unlikely to know what the right plane is for you or what is good in the hobby. Here are some handy points to consider when choosing between remote control plane kits.

Construction Required

There are three levels of construction levels in the RC plane hobby field. Ready to fly, almost ready to fly and kit. Depending on what level of construction you are willing to put into the project or how confident you are about assembly will push you into which level of RC plane you wish to buy. As a beginner you may want to start on the ready to fly kits as these allow to start in the hobby without investing too much time before getting out there to try it out.

The RC Grade of the Machine

There are two basic grades of RC planes; toys and hobby. Toy grade is less expensive but also has performance weaknesses such as fewer controls, fewer functions and poor performance in manoeuvres compared to the hobby grade of vehicle. The hobby grade may offer better performance but can more difficult to control and are more expensive. Make a purchase based on your level of commitment.

Type of Plane

There two types of RC plane. The jets are more complicated that the aeroplane models and so for a beginner it may be best to practice your skills on the simpler vehicles first.

Source of Power

You can have an RC plane that runs on either gas or electric. It is easier to control a plane that is powered by electricity but a gas fuelled plane normally gives more longevity and sometimes better speed and power. However it can be hard to maintain fuel sources whereas an electric plane is simply recharged at home and away you go.

You should have some idea from the points above of the specifications you want to look for in the varied choice of remote control plane kits. Every hobbyist has their own idea of what they would like from their vehicle and as a new hobbyist you may have to discover your favourite option along the way.

Here are some of the options for remote control plane kits that are currently available on Amazon for you to have a look at.

Champ Champ

This ready to fly vehicle comes in a striking yellow and has a three channel 2.4GHz transmitter for ease of control and gentle flying. This is a really good plane for the beginners as the compact size allows the plane to flown in your backyard or down at the local park. Its rugged construction means that slight accidents may not have any long lasting damage. The plane has hundreds of reviews on Amazon, including an impressive 204 five star reviews and 45 four star reviews. Many of these reviews claim that the plane is easy to fly and very durable and about a third of those who reviewed this plane would recommend it to the beginner RC plane hobbyist.

Cessna 781 Electric 2

Another ready to fly remote control aircraft, this vehicle comes in a variety of colours and has an auto stabling system for in-flight stabilization and easier flying. The durable material allows this vehicle to take a few knocks and stay within one piece. The charge time for this plane is only twenty minutes and that would give you about 12 minutes of flying time. So those who want a long haul flight with their plane may have to consider other options but the control of this vehicle is fairly easy for the beginner with its super wide infrared remote control and precision speed adjustments. Reviews online are rather positive with over a third giving it a five star rating.

Ember 2

Using Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 radio technology this vehicle eliminates interference from other planes or to other planes allowing more than one to take to skies at the same time. This is a super light aircraft for its size at only two pounds for a 19.5 x 15.5 x 6 inches vehicle. This is not a kit plane, but is ready to fly and so enthusiasts need only to charge the plane once it arrives; which only takes about twenty minutes. It is a fairly well liked plane with two thirds of reviewers giving it a five star review. But because of its light weight it may be affected by certain wind conditions and so some beginners who are not confident of learning the skills necessary, may want to try another craft.

Super Cub

Using a four channel transmitter operating at 2.4 GHz, this vehicle gives more chances for hobbyists wanting to fly their models together. Containing the same anti-crash technology mentioned on other models to help keep your plane in together should the worst happen this plane is perfect for those not sure of their skills. This RC model comes ready to fly and boasts a remarkable 480 motor that gives the RC vehicle outstanding performance in both speed and climb, that can really put a smile on your face. The high-capacity 3S Li-Po battery is lightweight and allows this small plane to be up in the air for longer than other models which is a really good bonus for any hobbyist. Again this is a really well liked model among the remote control plane kits; with two thirds of all reviewers giving it a five star rating.

Champ Champ


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