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Remote Control R2D2 A Star Wars Remote Control Toy Review

Updated on February 22, 2012

A toy review of the new star wars remote control toy which is the remote control R2D2.

remote control r2-d2
remote control r2-d2

People have always been fascinated with the cute little fire hydrant shaped robot you see on the star wars movies named R2D2. R2D2 is an astromech droid that has its own beeping language and even its own personality which the star wars robot droid expresses by sounding some sort of beeping language, shaking its head, and sometimes screams and shout with a robotic tone. And with this fascination, toy companies has created a new star wars remote control toy which is the remote control R2D2.

The star wars clone wars remote control R2D2 toy is not really a new toy to begin with. If you were alive or already a fan of toys in the late 70’s, A remote control R2-D2 was the first few radio controlled star wars toys you might have seen or play with. While that 70’s R2D2 RC is a little bit old fashioned, cluncky and slow, the excitement people have with that toy is enough for toy companies to recreate the RC R2D2 remote control toy.

The Star Wars remote control R2 D2 toy is 6 inch in height and 2 inch in diameter which would make this radio controlled toy one of the smallest ground based RC toys you might see or play with. In terms of how it looks when compared to the the real astromech R2D2 droid, then this remote control toy is as close as it gets when you consider that this is a mass produced, cheap toy that you can buy on any ordinary toy stores in your location. Like the real star wars robot, it can move its head, sounds off R2D2’s beeping sounds, have moving wheels for movement and a light that blinks just like when the real R2D2 is speaking.

The controls is a little bit fuzzy with this remote controlled R2D2 toy because it uses the old style of movement and controls just like those early radio controlled cars. What I mean of the old style of movement and controls is that it has only 2 control buttons which are the forward and backward-reverse spin controls. The backward-reverse spin button means that if you press that button long enough, your radio controlled R2D2 will spin on its axis rather than just go backwards. This would mean it would be harder for you to turn your new R2D2 toy to the left or to the right because you would need to time how long would you press that button.


One of the most entertaining star wars toys


Maneuverability problems

Even with this mobility flaw, the remote control R2D2 toy is fun enough to play with because of how the lights, the beeping sounds and the control buttons all interact with each other to make it look like that you are really playing with the real R2D2 droid(You can see how those features interact by watching the video above). And I can personally say that I have fun playing with my own remote control R2D2.


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