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Remote Control Spider From Animal Planet

Updated on March 20, 2012

Remote control spider or the animal planet radio control spider toy review.

Animal planet is known worldwide as a TV channel that creates animal shows. While Animal Planet might not have been known worldwide as a creator of toys, this rc spider remote control is one of the best rc spiders I have seen and played with.

remote control spider from animal planet
remote control spider from animal planet

There are 2 kinds of animal planet remote control spider to choose from. One is a rc spider black widow and the other one is the animal planet remote control tarantula toy. The black widow as you can assume with the name is an all black spider with very long legs. The rc tarantula spider toy has a brown base color with black lines all over the spider's body. Both of these two remote spider rc have the same features and the only difference is the shape, the size and the color.

In terms of appearance, the tarantula spider remote control toy and the black widow spider rc toy is true to the appearance of the real spiders that they are based on. What i like with this spider remote control toy is that the legs move while the toy is moving making it appear that it is really crawling than just being dragged by wheels. But personally, I prefer the rc tarantula spider toy rather than the black widow is because the black widow remote control spider toy's leg looks thin and stiff while it is moving.

In terms of features, The remote controlled spider toys have the full directional control of rc car toys. Full directional control means that the radio controlled spider have the forward, backward, left and right controls. Having the full directional control will makes it easier for you to control your remote control spider. But even with having the left and right controls, the radio controlled spider will only just turn or spin to the left or to the right.

There are other remote control spider toys that are available in amazon. Like the uncle milton remote control tarantula, the fantasma remote control wall climbing spider and the national geographic remote control tarantula to name a few but the best spider rc is the animal planet remote control spider.


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