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Remote Controlled Snake Rc Toy Review

Updated on April 10, 2012

A review about the Uncle Milton remote controlled snake rc toy.

rc snakes / remote controlled snake picture
rc snakes / remote controlled snake picture

Rc toy makers are always looking for new ways to attract remote control toy fans to buy their products. Unfortunately, There are already hundreds and even thousands of rc cars in toy stores and dozens of rc toy helicopters of different shape and sizes. But now, toy makers are taking risks on trying to create new kinds of remote control toys that will attract toy fans to buy their products. And one new toy that attracts toy fans is the remote controlled snake.

Uncle Milton radio control snake is one of the few remote control toys that are animal themed but the radio controlled snake is the most interesting one because snakes has always been the fascination and the fear of many people. Some Uncle Milton snakes being offered is the fruit snake and the coral snake. But there are other Uncle Milton radio control snakes being offered but they are subject to availability and some Uncle Milton rc snakes are rarer than others.

The remote control snake does not fully mimic a real snake but it is realistic enough if you consider how cheap it is when compared with rc toy cars. The remote snake rc has small wheels that controls its directional controls but those wheels are small enough and hidden enough that you will not notice it. This remote controlled snake mimics the movement of a snake by having a mechanism that will make its the tail wiggle while it is moving. The small wiggle on the tail might not be that realistic but it does add realism to this remote control snake toy. The remote controlled snake toy is 20 feet long which makes it as long as the real thing.

The flaws with this radio controlled snake is that the wheels used are sensitive. The turning radius of this toy is bigger than 10 feet because of the size of the wheel. This means that you will need a big room just to play this toy. The wheels being small in size, does not fair well with rough surfaces. You will need to play it in smooth surfaces or it may tilt over or will not move at all.

Besides the uncle milton radio control snake, there are other rc snakes being sold. The other remote control snakes are the animal planet remote control snake toy from the animal planet channel and the discovery remote control snake from the discovery channel.

Even with the flaws, realistic remote control snakes like the Uncle Milton radio control snake iis still fun to play with. And a remote control toy that can be both fascinating and scary at the same time is only with a remote controlled snake.


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